Episode 34: All About Magnets

Episode 34 Podcast: All About Magnets

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Running time: 1:40:00

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August 19, 2016

Primary Theme / Subject

All About Magnets
Segment Name / Time Stamp Description
WMG is Heading to Nova! Red Scorpions Charity Raffle Army for National Center for Victims of Crime update! In conjunction with the Nova Open Foundation and Titan Terrain Studio. Announcing Group Project: Deathwatch vs. Xenos (Cult and Harlequins). Reminder about Radio Silence Special and new, more competitive rates for Board Games.
On the Painting Desk


Tau in Green/White Plus Guardians of the Covenant! Looted Arachanarok, Sicaran Venator, and Magnetized Tyranids! Plus Beetle Bombards. Dennis tackles Silver Tower. Phillip painting RPG figures and Stormcast. Val finishes up Vampire Counts and Tau, now on to Red/Black Marines! Johnathan paints popular cartoon characters!
Service Spotlight
New Galleries: Main Gallery here, level galleries on the top menu.
Tips on Technique

  • Tips for maintaining polarity, Magnet sizes, etc.
  • To pin or to magnetize, that is the question.
  • Magnets, not the magical cure all for every model!
  • Magnets for storage, not optimizing.

Coaxial vs Diametrically Polarized Defining Rare Earth, what does N52 mean, etc. MAGNET TYPES: Supermagnets vs Rare Earth Magnets (aka Neomydium Magnets) Caleb gushes on Super Magnet Man. MAGNET VENDORS (some of those we’ve used and can verify):

1 Minute Rant or Gush
Wargame Accessories, the biggest little secret out there! Phil and Val gush on new Display Board projects!
Next time on the Podcast will be the LIVE FROM NOVA episode. Who will be our next guest? Help us decide! Email us requests at [email protected]