Display Plinths


For clients wishing to showcase their miniatures in all their resplendent glory, we recommend adding a display plinth to your order.

In most cases, clients may select either a resin or wooden plinth

The cost of the materials varies based on the size of the plinth.

We offer several styles of display plinths, summarized below:

Inquisitor 27
Slotted Plinths

Slotted plinths are immersive displays where your models base will recede into the plinth itself and be magnetized for stability. Round bases only.

Inquisitor 26
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Scenic plinths

Scenic plinths add a terrain element to the above, incorporating bits of scenery to create dynamic basing.


Vignettes are like cut-aways, offering a befitting environment for the figure to exist in, whether that be a dungeon deep, a wartorn battlefield, or a derelict starship.  A narrative backstory is often woven into the piece to increase the viewers understanding of it.



Mise-en-scène take vingettes and adds advancing modeling elements and techniques, including sculpted details, scratch building, water effects, and much more!

Slotted Plinths Scenic Plinths Vignette Plinths Mise-en-scène
Labor Cost $20 $100 $225 $300+*
$25 $25 $25 $25*
$50 $50 $50 $50*
Over 60mm Varies Varies Varies Varies
Total (USD) $50–75 $125–150 $225–300 $325+*

These are general rates, based on typical displays for most miniatures in standard sizes. Price can vary on a case by case basis and is highly subjective. For example, larger models will, of course, cost much more to create a display plinth (i.e., dragons and the like).

*Mise-en-scène is priced on a case by case basis and starts at $325, but can go up based on many factors, such as the size of the plinth and model, and the level of detail to be achieved, among others.