“The Collector” Commission Subscription Service


Thank you for your interest in the White Metal Games commission painting service.

WMG is no longer accepting projects for 2020. During the COVID-19 crisis, we received an unprecedented surge of support from clients, resulting in a backlog of projects. That backlog “should” be caught up by January 2021.

While all of our painters are working remotely, many of our painters are currently on sabbatical taking time with their families. As such we simply have more work than we can keep up with at the moment.

There are many painters that could benefit from income during this period, and we hope that clients will use this opportunity to explore other commission services.

In 2021, WMG will be moving to a new commission system that, rather than pricing models on a case by case basis, will be based around time. So, for example, clients can book a block of time, usually reserved in 10 hours increments, for their project. That project is tracked in live streams or private streams, and fully viewable after the stream concludes.

At the conclusion of the block of time the client can decide how to proceed, either by allowing us to complete the work at the same rate per hour, or by having the models returned to them as is, or postponing the project until they are ready to purchase another block of time. That’s an abbreviated version of the full service which will roll out in 2021, and I would be happy to answer some specific questions before the service goes live in January.

Traditional commissions will only be available as follows in 2021:

  • Already existing clients (for project of any size)
  • Very small projects (less than five models)
  • Very limited number of slots (will constitute approximately 10% of our total project load in 2021, with large projects expected to take 2-3 months to complete)

If you fall under one of the above criteria, feel free to submit your traditional quote request as normal.

We hope to launch many new services and ways to support White Metal Games in 2021.

Please sign up on our wait list by clicking this link to be notified when WMG will be accepting new commission requests, such as Rolling Commission requests.

For non commission related inquiries, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Thank you for your support and business. Stay safe out there!


Caleb Dillon

Owner, White Metal Games

Has your collection grown so large you no longer know where to begin? Chip it away a little bit each month with The Collector

The Collector is a membership based monthly commission subscription service.  

Reserve a standing commission with our service each month.  Payments are deducted automatically each month on the same day. Cancel at any time.   

The Membership tiers are based on the number of hours we apply to your projects monthly.  The highest tiers cost the least per hour, respectively, and are prioritized first each month.

Shipping and Handling are Free, no matter which level you select.

Membership also includes PRODUCT DISCOUNTS at every level from major vendors like Games Workshop, Reaper, Wizkids, and many others! Use it on miniatures, kits, or even game aids like rulebooks!

Membership Levels and Benefits

Gatherer 5 Hours
per month


Priority each month:
Late month
Approximate Cost Per Hour: $60
Product Discount* 20%
Name immortalized on our Wall of Backers!
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Acquirer 10 Hours
per month


Priority each month: Mid to late month
Approximate Cost Per Hour: $55
Product Discount* 20%
Name immortalized on our Wall of Backers!
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Stockpiler 20 Hours
per month


Priority each month:
Mid month
Approximate Cost Per Hour: $50
Product Discount* 25%
Name immortalized on our Wall of Backers!
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Amasser 30 Hours
per month


Priority each month: Early to mid month
Approximate Cost Per Hour: $45
Product Discount* 25%
Name immortalized on our Wall of Backers!
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Best Value!
Completist 40 Hours
per month


Priority each month: Early month
Approximate Cost Per Hour: $40
Product Discount* 30%
Name immortalized on our Wall of Backers!
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*For clients that would like us to acquire models on their behalf, we can offer up to this discount from key vendors like Games Workshop, WizKids, and some other major brands.

Membership may also include other “perks” over time; such as access to exclusive content, discounts in our web store, and more.

Pack Rat Monthly Giveaways

For each month that we maintain 10+ collectors across any combination of levels, we will randomly select one lucky collector to receive their choice of the following:

2 bonus hours at no extra cost!    OR    $5 per collector in bonus product credit!

(e.g., 10 collectors = $50 in bonus product)

Differences between “The Collector” and Other Commissions

This chart summarizes major differences between The Collector subscription, Rolling, and Traditional types of commissions we offer at WMG.

Please note that Traditional Commissions are in the process of being phased out.

The CollectorRolling CommissionTraditional Commission
PricingBased on Monthly BudgetBased on your budgetBased on your budget
Balance DueConsistent every monthPaid up front in fullUpon completion
PriorityBased on your TierWithin 60 daysFirst come, first served
Turnaround – Average WaitMonthlyAbout 60 days, each time you bookVaries, often 3-6 months
TransparencyPainted LivePainted LivePainted Off Camera
Models are MailedWhen finishedBased on client requestWhen finished
Signature Confirmation / InsuranceFree when applicableFree when applicableVaries
Product DiscountUp to 30% offUp to 25% offUp to 20% off

Tracking Your Project

Your hours are tracked through Video Streaming, which can be live during the schedule below, or private, depending on the time of day.  These streams are viewable afterwards.   We stream on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.

These streams are summarized and tracked on a Project Log which is shared between WMG and you.

Live Streaming schedule for 2021
“The Collector” Commission Subscription Sample Log
Click image to view pdf file

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question to see the answer.

Key Differences from Traditional Commissions

Time Management

Collections and Products

Membership Details

Why Membership?

Other Ways To Support WMG

There are lots of ways to support WMG, even if a membership isn’t the right fit for you.

Patreon – White Metal Games uses Patreon as a sort of virtual tip platform.  Support us for as long as you like. 

Podbean – White Metal Games produces a bi-monthly podcast called War Council.  You can listen, donate, or even become a sponsor on the show via Podbean!

Twitch – WMG is very active on Twitch, producing live content every weekday!  There are options to subscribe at different levels or just give us some bits!  Just by watching you earn WMG Ore, which can be redeemed for prizes each month!

Tips Welcome – Any proceeds go directly to improving our overall service, including better equipment, more giveaways and more . . . .well, everything!