Special Discounts

We offer special incentive based discounts for our loyal clients, including discounts on models, painting, and assembly! In addition to percentage discounts, you can also get credits, which are like cash towards your commission.

Harlequin Starweaver
Painting Level: Tabletop Plus

Note that these discounts and credits only apply to models you commission, not for items in our eBay store and products from our WMG store unless you are a Patreon Subscriber!

In most cases only the highest percentage of discount is applied to your commission. Check out our Special Discount Terms below.

Special Discounts Terms

All dollar amounts are United States Dollars (USD). Labor refers to the act of assembling and painting miniatures. Models/materials refers to goods purchased such as miniatures.

Credits are only valid on orders of $100 or more. A maximum $100 credit can be applied to any one commission. Credits will be applied before any percentage discounts are applied to your order.

Only one percentage discount can be applied per order. When more than one percentage discount is applicable, only the highest percentage discount will apply. Maximum percentage discount is $500.

Discounts not valid for handling fees and shipping charges.

Standard Discounts

We give discounts for return customers and large orders, but reserve our best discounts for Patreon Patrons, such as discounts on painted models in our web stores and commissions, rental vouchers, and bonus “Ore” which can be redeemed for painted models!

Patreon Incentives

Patrons can support us on Patreon for a variety of benefits, notably increased rewards on our Twitch channel. We encourage all our clients to  use both platforms to maximize benefits.

Don’t worry! You can still enjoy Twitch for free (and even win models), but the amount of ore you accrue increases rapidly with support on Patreon (as well as many other perks) . See our Patreon page for all the details!

Patronage Per Month Discounts Twitch Bonuses*
$5 per month
  • 15% off models
  • 6% off commission labor
  • 5% off painted models
  • Bonus Ore: 100/month plus 500/year
  • 1 vote per poll
$10 per month
  • 15% off models
  • 7% off commission labor
  • 10% off painted models
  • Bonus Ore: 200/month plus 1,000/year
  • 2 votes per poll
$25 per month
  • 15% off models
  • 8% off commission labor
  • 15% off painted models
  • Bonus Ore: 300/month plus 1,500/year
  • 3 votes per poll
$50 per month
  • 20% off models
  • 9% off commission labor
  • 20% off painted models
  • Bonus Ore: 400/month plus 2,000/year
  • 4 votes per poll
$100 per month
  • 25% off models
  • 10% off commission labor
  • 25% off painted models
  • Bonus Ore: 500/month plus 2,500/year
  • 5 votes per poll

*Yearly Bonus Ore is given after you complete a year of patronage.

Models Discount

In many cases we offer our clients discounts on models from major vendors on par with most online retailers, and when you consider drop shipping, will save you even more money. The bigger your project, the more you can save!

Total Models Cost / Patreon TierSavings on Models*
Under $500 in materials or any Patreon Support Tier15% off most major vendors, such as Games Workshop, Reaper, and Privateer Press!
$500 and over in materials OR $50 Patreon Support Tier20% off most major vendors, such as Games Workshop, Reaper, and Privateer Press!
$100 Patreon Support Tier25% off most major vendors, such as Games Workshop, Reaper, and Privateer Press!

*Applies to most major retailers, but not smaller vendors such as Forgeworld, Raging Heroes, and the like. When in doubt, enquire for details.

Large Order Discount

Save on painting and assembly on BIG orders. Please note only the largest of the labor discounts apply.

Price of LaborPercentage of Labor Discount / Max Discount
$2,000+5% / $150
$3,000+6% / $250
$4,000+7% / $350
$5,000+8% / $500


Better Savings with PatreonPercentage of Labor Discount
$5/month support tier6%
$10/month support tier7%
$25/month support tier8%
$50/month support tier9%
$100/month support tier10%

Keep ’em Coming!

Return clients enjoy 5% off future orders. Book another commission within 30 days of your most recent commission (from the final completion date of your last project) and you’ll receive 8% off labor on your next order with us!


Credits are like cash that can only be applied to commissions. They can be used in tandem with percentage discounts. A maximum $100 in combined credits can be applied to any one commission. Credits will be applied after any percentage discounts are applied to your order.

Senior Citizens / Military

Chaos Renegade - Tabletop Plus level
Chaos Renegade
Painting Level: Tabletop Plus

We honor our Elders and Military (Active Duty and Veterans) at White Metal Games.

Just provide verification (such as a scanned state ID, military ID, or equivalent) and you will be treated as a Return Client with WMG on your first order.

On future orders, you will always be treated as an Excelsior Client.

Finally for rolling and subscription commissions you will get 1 free hour per Block or per month.

Pre-Release / Early Release Specials

We offer discounts on commissions that include NEW MODELS released within a week of their release date!

When the Commission was BookedCredit on MaterialsCredit on Labor
Prior to release date$50 credit on materials$50 credit towards labor
Within one week of release date$25 credit on materials$25 credit towards labor


Spider Demon - Painting level High
Spider Demon
Painting Level: High

Refer a friend and if they book a commission with us, you both get $25 off your next order (minimum order $250) with us. You can earn this special as many times you refer friends, so each new friend you more and more credit!
[Only valid on new clients to WMG (i.e., they must have not been a previous client)]

Credit for Credit Due

If you are a previous commission client of ours, leave us a review on on your YouTube channel (unboxing, a review, or the like), our Facebook page, or Yelp and earn a $25 credit on your next commission, consignment, or trade in!  You can claim this credit once every time you commission a new project!

Deals and Special Offers

Deals and Special Offers are limited time, one-of-a-kind offers. While credits can be applied to deals, other types of percentage discounts, such as return client discounts, cannot be applied to deals.

When Deals are limited (for example a certain number per year), we will note the number of deals available and the period applicable.

Radio Silence (1 still available for 2019)

Want a good looking centerpiece for your collection and trust us to handle it? White Metal Games is pleased to offer, on a case by case basis, the Radio Silence special.

Basically, you trade control for higher quality and we get the chance to flex our creative muscles without feeling constrained. This offer isn’t for picky clients, but could be great for clients that just want a good looking model and trust us to handle it. Not a special for the faint of heart, but for those that are willing to hand us the reins, it could be the deal of a lifetime!

You pay for this levelYou get quality of this level
 Tabletop PlusHigh 

This is like a free level upgrade! However, there are a few rules . . .

  1. Case by Case: This special isn’t intended for every project or every client, and we reserve the right to offer (or decline to offer) this special as we see fit. It works best for centerpiece models, not large projects (like armies) and does not apply to projects over 10 figures.
  2. Limited Annually: For 2019, we have decided to offer a maximum of three Radio Silence deals. 1/3 has been selected as of 5/1/19
  3. Full Artistic Freedom: We pick your color scheme except for . . .
  4. Safety Net: You get to pick any one color we can’t use. For example, maybe you hate orange, or neon pink! (You can ask us to avoid additional colors beyond the first for $50 per color)
  5. Radio Silence:  No test models, no communication. We tell you when we have started, but we aren’t obliged to update you until the project is finished (and then, no changes).

Some of our previous Radio Silence commissions (click each image to view the album):

Kingdom Death
Blood Rage
Teutonic Knight

Swap Meet

Contact us if you are interested in trading items for services or in store credit for painting or assembly! We offer trade-in credit on certain items! Enquire for details.

Things we are currently looking for:

• USB input cameras for Twitch streaming, ideally cameras at least 2K-4K, with macrolens and manual focus

• Panasonic LUMIX G VARIO 45-150mm F4.0-5.6 ASPH Mirrorless Camera Lens with Optical Stabilizer