Special Discounts

We offer special incentive based discounts for our loyal customers. Some of these discounts, such as the Social Network Discounts, can only be applied once and will need to be verified, so let us know the discount(s) when placing your order.

Note that these discounts only apply to models you commission us to create or work on, not for items in our eBay store and our WMG store.

White Metal Games is revising their Special Discounts for 2017. Please contact us at info@whitemetalgames.com for a quote in the meantime.

Social Network Discounts

  • Like us on Facebook and receive a $3 credit towards your next order.
  • Follow us on Twitter and receive a $3 credit towards your next order.
  • Subscribe to us on YouTube and receive a $3 credit towards your next order.
  • Follow our Blog and receive a $3 towards your next order.

Be sure to check back often as other platforms are added such as Google+, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more!


Sign up for our newsletter and earn a $3 credit towards you next commission!

New Recruits

Is this your very first commission with us?  We extend a $5 credit to new clients on any order of $100 or more.

Returning Client

(Veteran Discount)
Returning clients always get a discount! You get 5% off all services (assembly and painting) on all subsequent commission orders with us, and 10% off commissions of $2,000 or more.

Looted Army

(Refurbished armies)
These are armies we pick up from second hand markets like eBay, Spikey Bitz, Blue Table Painting, and private consignors. These armies are used but often in good condition. When we are able to acquire figures in this way, assembly is often a minimum and usually consists of minor repair as well as stripping the miniatures of their last paint scheme using a safe solvent such as Simple Green or Purple Power.

Typically a looted army can be built for about 60% of what an army retails for, depending on the figures selected. Obviously certain figures like Finecast or old OOP models will be harder to find. Additionally some figures and highly prized and do not resell on the secondary market in a consistent, reliable fashion.

Generally the Looted Army special only applies to armies that see high turnaround, such as Warhammer, 40k, and Warmachine/Hordes.

If you are interested in pursuing this option, contact us and we can do a preliminary search to see what’s out there.

Tell a Friend

Refer a friend and receive a 1% discount on your next order with us for every $100 they (your friend) commissions. For example, if your friend commissions a $2,000 army, then you’ll get 20% off your next order (up to $500 value)! Valid only once per referral, and may not be combined with other referrals.

Battle Brothers (Bulk/Volume Discount)

We offer special discounts to client with big orders.  You’ll receive a percentage discount and in many cases a bonus item such as a custom terrain piece, swag items, or credit towards a Display Board!

$500.00 3.00% WMG Tape Measure!
$800.00 5.00% WMG Baseball Cap, t-shirt, or coffee mug AND tape measure!
$1,250.00 7.00% $100 Terrain/Display Board Credit OR any one swag item and tape measure. 
$1,850.00 10.00% $150 Terrain/Display Board Credit  OR any two swag items and tape measure.
$3,000.00 10.00%  $250 Terrain/Display Board Credit OR any three swag items and tape measure. 
$4500 10.00% $350 Terrain/Display Board Credit OR Special bonuses discussed on a case by case basis, plus any four swag items and tape measure.

For overseas clients, actual shipping cost will apply to bonus items. 

Survey Team

(Intel Discount)
We’ve created two surveys in order to learn what our customers are looking for. We would appreciate it if you could take the time to let us know what your interests are. Each survey will take about 5 minutes to fill out and you’ll earn a $5 credit towards your next commission with us for each one you take!

First to the Fray!

(Priority Discount) [Coming Soon]
It pays to be first! Sometimes we want a model for our gallery and we’ll offer you a discount if you commission the piece before anyone else. Most of the time this is 10% off painting and assembly charges.
Look for the 1st Symbol blue1st_solid_sml beside the listing for details.

FLGS Supporter

(Loyalist Discount)
Are you local to Raleigh? Buy your models from any of the following FLGS (Friendly Local Game Stores), send us a copy of the receipt and get a $5 credit towards your commission! Be sure to tell them that these are for a White Metal Games commission! Some of the vendors offer special in-store incentives for these purchases.

Special Discounts Terms

Percentage discounts and credits are only valid on orders of US$30 or more. Only one percentage discount can be applied per order unless otherwise specified. When more than one percentage discount is applicable, only the highest percentage discount will apply. A maximum $10 credit can be applied to any one commission. Credits will be applied before any percentage discounts are applied to your order. Offer not valid for PayPal fees or shipping charges.