About Us

My name is Caleb and I am the owner of White Metal Games, a miniature painting and assembly commission service for all your gaming needs.

Our motto says it all: PUT YOUR MINIS WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS! We aim to do that every day. We stand by our work and we know you’ll enjoy playing with these miniatures for years to come.

How We Got Started
I started playing Dungeons & Dragons in my early teens and soon got into wargaming.  Like many kids on a budget, my desire to play exceeded the money I was making at the time.  In the spirit of the game, my friends and I started proxying anything we could get our hands on.  We’d use soda cans for oil refineries, action figures for daemons, Lego buildings . . .  we got creative!

It was in this spirit that White Metal Games was founded.  I started selling custom miniatures on ebay so that others could experience gaming without limits.

As companies like Games Workshop, Wizards of the Coast, and others expanded, they released new content for their games at a prodigious rate, so fast in fact their dedicated sculptors couldn’t keep up!  This is where we made our mark.  By offering low cost, alternative wargaming miniatures and models; we filled the gaps left by the larger companies.

We are not alone in this.  Companies like Scribor, Chapterhouse Studios, MaxMini, and many, many more are continuing this tradition of offering gamers and hobbyists more of what they want:  options and alternatives to the canon line of miniatures that the mainstream market is accustomed to.

Over time our methods have improved and we have gathered other local artists under the WMG banner.  But we’ve worked to always keep the spirit of these humble origins.   After all . . .

…it’s just a game.

Caleb Dillon
Owner, White Metal Games
February 2013

You can contact me directly at caleb@whitemetalgames.com.