Tournament and GT Etiquette – Make $$$ By Winning Best Painted on our Behalf

We hope you will enjoy our models in both casual and competitive settings. If an event you are attending has a “painting competition” we have no objection to you using models we painted for you during the event (in fact, we encourage it!) You should, however, check with the organizer about their policies on using models painted by a commission service.

In most cases, simply disclosing the truth of the matter will suffice. We can also provide you with a simple card to display along with your models (inquire for details).

 If these models win any awards, send us clear, easy to see pictures of the models beside the award for a $25 credit on your next commission or send us the actual award for a $50 credit on your next commission!

If you wish to enter the competition with your own painted models, we would request you kindly remove any models painted by our service from the judging area, or if your entire collection was painted by our service, excusing yourself from the painting competition entirely.

Here are some of the awards our painters have received.




Ferrus Manus Memorial RTT (left), Konrad Curze GT (right)