Rolling Commissions

If you are interested in commissioning a single project, or if you don’t want to commit to a full Subscription Commission, then the best fit for you is a Rolling Commission.

How It Works

After you contact White Metal Games about your project, the project manager will suggest an allotment of time to complete the project.  This is just our best guess, but we’ve been at this a long time so our estimates are usually fairly accurate.

Based on our suggestion and your budget, you pay for an allotment of hours. For example, 5, 10, all the way up to 40, hours.  These hours are called a “Block”.  This is the actual amount of time we will work on your project.  It’s a predetermined amount of time agreed to by both parties. 

2021 Rolling Commission Rates

The more complex or detailed a model is, the more hours it will take to complete.

Brick 5 Hours


Rate per Hour:
Save $25 with a Commission Subscription*
Model Discount 15%
Buy Now
Lump 10 Hours


Rate per Hour: $60
Save $50 with a Commission Subscription*
Model Discount 15%
Buy Now
Chunk 20 Hours


Rate per Hour:
Save $100 with a Commission Subscription*
Model Discount 20%
Buy Now
Hunk 30 Hours


Rate per Hour:
Save $150 with a Commission Subscription*
Model Discount 20%
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Best Value!
Slab 40 Hours


Rate per Hour:
Save $200 with a Commission Subscription*
Model Discount 25%
Buy Now

*For comparison purposes, this is the savings you would get with a monthly commission subscription for the same number of hours.
†For clients that would like us to acquire models on their behalf, we can offer up to this discount from key vendors like Games Workshop, WizKids, and some other major brands.


After confirming pertinent project details, such as the level of painting and desired final out, we’ll schedule your Block as soon as possible, generally within two months of your payment. 

Your hours are tracked through Video Streaming, which can be live during the schedule below, or private, depending on the time of day.  These streams are viewable afterwards.   We stream on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live. 

Here is our Live Streaming schedule for 2021:

Project Log

These streams are summarized and tracked on a Project Log which is shared between WMG and you.

Rolling Commission Sample Log
Click image to view pdf file

We will work on your project until complete, or we run out of hours, whichever comes first.  At that time you can choose (or pre-select) to Conclude, Complete, Renew, or Postpone your project as summarized below.

ConcludeYour models will be mailed back to you, free of charge and as-is.
CompleteYour models will be completed until done, with any final hours billed at the same rate per hour you booked at.  For example, if you booked 10 hours but it took 12 to complete the project, we would bill you an extra $120 (2x$60).
RenewOnce you book more hours, at any rate, we’ll pick up where we left off.
PostponeWe’ll hold onto your project til you decide what to do (up to 1 year at no charge).

Excess hours at the end of the project are refundable at 50% of their value.  For example, if you booked 10 hours and we completed your project in 8, we would be willing to refund you for 1 hour if you wish.

Instead of a refund, we encourage clients to “roll” these hours over to a new project.  Excess hours are valid for up to 1 year from the date your last project was completed, and so you can wait until the next release from your favorite vendor, hopefully adding more hours as needed.  We encourage clients to re-book when they have more models to paint!

Time Guidelines

The table below gives very broad ideas about how long a unit may take. These are based on previous experience, but can vary wildly based on things like painting level, condition, etc.  

Batch Painting:  When painting one or more units the same way, like an army, we typically see painting time per unit decrease, in some cases up to 50%.  While it is impossible to predict the exact time saved, you always save time on larger collections.  

Model Type* Assembly Painting Suggested Time Allotment
Hero type15–30 minutes2–4 hours5 hours
Small Squad (5 models)1–1.5 hours3–5 hours5 or 10 hours
Large Squad (10 models)2–3 hours5–8 hours10 hours
Small (40–50 mm) Vehicles/Monsters1–2 hours each2–4 hours5 or 10 hours
Medium (60–80 mm) Vehicles/Monsters2–3 hours each3–5 hours10 hours
Large (100+ mm) Vehicles/Monsters3–4 hours each5–8 hours10 or 20 hours
Small Army (under 50 models)20 hours30-40 hours50+ hours
Modest Army (over 50 models)30 hours60-80 hours90+hours
Huge Army (over 100 models)40 hours80-120 hours120+ hours
Armiger (pair)4–6 hours8–10 hours20 hours
Imperial Knight4–6 hours8–12 hours20 hours
Warhound10–15 hours15–20 hours40 hours
Reaver Titan20–30 hours30–40 hours80 hours
Warlord Titan40–50 hours80–100 hours160 hours

*For the sake of this guide, all models are 28 mm unless otherwise noted.
These are typical times and can be impacted by many factors, such as pewter/resin models, complex assembly, reposing, conversion work, extensive basing, drilling weapon barrels, and magnetization.
This estimate presumes that most models are painted the same way, and we are saving time by looking for ways to assembly line the process.

Different Commission Types

This chart summarizes major differences between the Rolling, Subscription, and Traditional types of commissions we offer at WMG.

Please note that Traditional Commissions are in the process of being phased out.

Rolling CommissionCollector SubscriptionTraditional Commission
PricingBased on your budgetBased on Monthly BudgetBased on your budget
Balance DuePaid up front in fullConsistent every monthUpon completion
PriorityWithin 60 daysBased on your TierFirst come, first served
Turnaround – Average WaitAbout 60 days, each time you bookMonthlyVaries, often 3-6 months
TransparencyPainted LivePainted LivePainted Off Camera
Models are MailedBased on client requestWhen finishedWhen finished
Signature Confirmation / InsuranceFree when applicableFree when applicableVaries
Product DiscountUp to 25% offUp to 30% offUp to 20% off


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Rolling Commissions.

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