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Our Team

Painting Class New

White Metal Games employs a staff of well trained, award winning painters.

We also have team members for video, assembly, operations, shipping, and other needs.

Check out each of their bios, below, to learn more about them.

“Boss Monster” Caleb Dillon

Owner – Founder – Project Manager

Caleb Dillon is the owner and founder of White Metal Games. He has been an avid wargamer for over 20 years and brings all that experience to the table.

Caleb considers himself an artist whose chosen medium is miniatures. Caleb is constantly exploring new techniques and revisiting old ones, trying to find a simpler way to achieve top tier results.

Caleb’s plan is to continue to expand WMG until it becomes an industry leader in the miniature marketplace, including manufacturing and game design. He welcomes talented artists in the Raleigh area to join him in his pursuit.

Email Caleb at [email protected]

Ryan “Rules Lawyer” Maloney


Ryan is an avid gamer and hobbyist with a decade of experience building and painting miniatures.

Starting off from painting characters and set pieces for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, he quickly expanded into the world of tabletop war games. As a resident artist at White Metal Games for the past two years, he has expanded his talent exponentially.

Through his gaming, his experience as a Dungeon Master, and his work on his miniatures, Ryan strives to bring about a captivating narrative. He believes that each miniature should not only have a fantastic paint job, but that it should also tell a story about where the figure has been and what is going on around it.

Email Ryan at [email protected]

Tyler Hemmerly


My name’s Tyler but people usually just call me Tyler. I started drawing and painting In the second grade, illustrating massive castles and forts besieged by hordes of stick figures.

Gradually, by middle school, I made my way into selling artwork depicting people, fantastical beasts, battle vehicles, or occasionally the lewd re-imagining of anthropomorphized aliens in bikinis.

I’ve worked as a chef for most of my professional life, but being a new father, I thought it was time to do something that won’t kill me from stress by the time I’m 40. I was drawn to White Metal Games for the purpose of expanding my knowledge of miniature painting techniques and to work alongside some truly talented and skilled artists.

I love painting and playing my Ultramarines and Emperor’s Children armies in the 40k universe, but plan on delving into other game systems such as Warmachine.

Email Tyler at [email protected]

Bryan “Talented Lad” Rees

Display Boards & Terrain Developer

Since a young age, Bryan’s passions have gone from model railroading, to tabletop wargaming, to landscape painting, to screenwriting. The only next logical obsession was building story-driven, highly-detailed wargaming terrain.

For years Bryan ran a one-man-show as Talented Lad Studios, continually striving for innovative ways to integrate narrative story-telling with three-dimensional landscapes built to scale.

As a scenic artist, he helps bring worlds to life in display boards and terrain sets in collaboration with the other talented artists at White Metal Games.

Email Bryan at [email protected]

Bruce Halpern

Webmaster & Operations Manager

Bruce created and maintains the website. He also handles other internet and tech needs for WMG.

Email Bruce at [email protected]

Edward WinterRose


Edward WinterRose assures us that really is his last name cos he legally changed it; and is the result of a hybridization of the AI ‘WinterMute’ from William Gibson’s ‘Neuromancer’ and an old Shadowrun character.

He describes himself as “geek tribe” and “a 48th level nerd” who has in his time become a voice actor/not-just-a-voice-actor, graphic artist/cartoonist, writer/journalist and all-around creative professional.

He maintains that a steady diet of speculative and genre fiction made up of Comic Books, TV, Movies, Novels, Cartoons & Anime, Videogames, Role-Playing and Tabletop Games, Science Fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Parody Social Media & Internet Memes, Fetishism, Progressive Political Activism and Bloody-Minded Iconoclasm is often disastrously toxic and insidiously destructive to one’s mind, personality, social skills and the imagination, and not-so-humbly offers himself as an example.

Email Edward at [email protected]