Signature Series Level Samples

Signature Series is our Exalted Level and is best suited for showcase only models. These are collector’s pieces, intended to rival those of competition winners and not intended for game play. It is ideal for busts and dioramas.

Turnaround is slow, but the results are well worth the wait. Models of this level are treated as an artistic medium to convey an overall impression. A narrative backstory is often woven into the piece to increase the viewers understanding of it. Intimate details are readily apparent at this level.

Visually we approach color as a tool to bring out shape, definition, and environmental setting. Special attention to paid to not only value and contrast, but color modulation and temperature transition. All of this achieves one goal – to identify the visual point of view of the piece. Put simply, at Signature Series level your miniature is a canvas for the artist who works with you very closely on this one of a kind model.

We use all the techniques outlined above, however, even more time is dedicated to detail and technique. Layers are blended seamlessly. Every detail is lavished and embellished. Painting errors will be very rare and only discernible under extreme scrutiny.

You may either upgrade your Standard Basing by four tiers, or select any number of Effects or Embellishments listed here, in any combination.

Signature Series level pricing available upon request, but starts at $1,000.