Assembly is the house painting is built on, but it is a time consuming endeavor. Clipping sprues, scraping mold lines, complex directions…let us help.

In most cases, the price of assembly will appear as a separate charge from painting. This helps make our estimates easier to understand. There are a few exceptions to this, such as scratch built or converted figures. Likewise for models featured in our web store, the price of assembly is already accounted for in the price.

The Assembly Process


We commonly work with Plastic, Pewter, and Resin models.

Models are washed in warm, soapy water to remove any mold release left on the sprues or de-molded pieces. Models are then checked for obvious mold lines and flashing.

Models are clipped from the sprues and fine mold lines that will interfere with the painting process are scraped as the figure is assembled. Large figures are built in sub-assemblies to make painting more efficient, and large or heavy figures are pinned for added stability.

Gaps are smoothed over with sculpting putty and special instructions such as magnetization or customization are taken into account. Finally, basing materials are applied as relevant to the project.

While we don’t claim to scrape every mold line, the below chart summarizes which mold lines and gaps you can expect to be scraped and filled respectively. This partially helps us to expedite projects, and takes into account that clients on a budget should not expect the same standard of assembly given to clients willing to pay for the extra time and care that go into high level projects.

Assembly SummaryMold Line RemovalGap Filling
Tabletop PlusMinor and Major lines removedMinor and Major gaps filled
HighFine lines removedFine lines removed
Display+All mold lines removedAny / All gaps filled

Assembly Level Disclaimer
WMG cannot be held responsible for assembly errors for figures that are sent to us pre-assembled (including those partially assembled, used, damaged, or acquired on the secondhand market), though we will attempt to rectify them in all cases.

We always advise the figures be assembled by WMG to ensure the models are assembled to a level in keeping with our high standards.

Assembly Only

We understand that some clients prefer to paint their own models. For the purpose of ‘assembly only’ quotes, painting charges are simply omitted.

Pewter, Resin, and PVC Assembly

Resin and pewter models often require pinning for stability, and many times gaps will be present that need to be sculpted over. Additionally, resin components are often warped from heat. PVC (hard plastic, such as those used by Privateer Press, Flying Frog, and many others) is a hard, unyielding material that is very difficult to work with.

As such, WMG reserves the right to assess an additional 10% labor cost for assembly of these mediums. In addition, some mold lines may be impossible to remove despite this excess fee.

Canʼt Decide? Magnetize!

Warning About Magnets
Rare Earth magnets are very powerful and can be dangerous if not handled with proper care.
If swallowed, any type of magnet can cause serious injury or death.
Keep away from children and pets.
See here for a list of warnings.

Model manufacturers often offer a variety of options with every miniature kit. Magnetization is a highly sought after option for clients that want to get the most utility out of their models without investing in a new kit or having a model painted up twice.

It is worth noting that magnetization is not a practical option for every model, but in many cases it can be a good way to maximize the versatility of your kits.

The Magnetization Process

This Carnifex is a perfect candidate for magnetization.
This Carnifex is a perfect candidate for magnetization.

Proper magnetization is a time consuming endeavor.

The magnetization process actually begins during assembly, as models must be planned out meticulously to ensure magnets are properly placed.

We carefully consider magnet placement on models with multiple limbs or magnets that will be placed closely together. Once the proper alignment is plotted out, holes are bored out meticulously to avoid potential damage to the model.

Magnets are checked and rechecked for correct polarity. In some cases, due to proximity, we may select a magnet alternative, such as sheet metal plates or iron additives.

These Convergence of Cyriss models can count as three different variants!
These Convergence of Cyriss models can count as three different variants!

Polarity – Going with the Flow!

Our assembly experts pay close attention to polarity, to ensure that not only will all your magnetized options be correctly aligned, but if you choose to add additional options at a later date, these options will also be correctly polarized.

We do this by having several ‘host magnets’ in house that we use as guide magnets. This ensures that every option we magnetized is polarized correctly.

Fully Loaded

For clients that want their kits to have every allowable option, we call this FULLY LOADED! In these cases, just say you want the model ‘fully loaded’ and we’ll add that to the quote.

Magnetize options

The Magnet Barron
We proudly magnetize with The Magnet Baron magnets!

Labor includes installing the magnets.

Painting is a separate charge based on the painting level of the alternate bits.

These charges apply per magnetized option.

Please note that for magnetized options that require any sculpting work, these rates do not apply.

Magnet size*Used forMagnet + LaborPainting – Tabletop Plus levelPainting – High levelPainting – Display level
1/16″ x 1/32″Infantry$1.00$1.50$2.00$3.00
1/8″ x 1/16″Large Infantry, Terminators$1.50$2.00$3.00$4.00
3/32″ x 1/16″

Small Scout Vehicles, Crisis Suits

3/16″ x 1/16″Medium Vehicles/Monstrous Creatures$3.00$4.00$6.00$8.00
1/4″ x 1/16″Large Vehicles$4.00$6.00$8.00$12.00
1/2″ x 1/8″Scout Titan arms$30/limb$45/limb$60/limb$90/limb
1″ x 1/4″Reaver Titan arms$40/limb$60/limb$80/limb$120/limb
1″ x 1/2″Warlord Titan arms$50/limb$75/limb$100/limb$150/limb

* See Beware the ‘Sag’ (below)

Beware the ‘Sag’

Larger magnets ensure stronger connections.

When magnetizing wings and other large, heavy appendages we may use magnets larger than the scale suggested.

This helps to avoid limbs that sag or droop when suspended, but may require additional labor.

Commonly Requested

Commonly Requested Magnetization
(Labor only)
Options Included
Carnifex – Fully magnetized$75All options from kit, excluding toxin sacs, adrenal glands, horns, and spikes.
Imperial Knight – Fully magnetized$60All weapon options from the kit.
Predator Tank – Fully magnetized to count as either Predator or Rhino$30Lascannon and heavy bolter sponsons; turret mounted autocannon and lascannons, plus HK missile, stormbolter, and side/top rhino hatches.
Drop Pod Caution Stripe Transfers
$50Includes cost of these transfer sheets.
Wraithknight$100All options from the kit.