Do you have a vision for your finished models but aren’t confident in how to achieve that vision?

Eliminate the pressure and time commitment associated with painting your models by letting us do it for you!

Nothing compares to playing with fully painted models. Some events or tournaments won’t even allow players in the door with unpainted models!

Pricing is determined by many factors, including the size of the model, the level of detail, and the complexity of the kit. Our assembly rates are combined with our painting rates to make quotes that much faster and easier. For a more detailed explanation of our assembly process, click here.

For unusual pricing requests (Lego color matching, Hummel figurines, Diecast Car repaints, etc.) contact us for a customized quote.

Painting Levels

At White Metal Games we offer several painting levels to suit your needs.

White & Yellow
For models that are primarily White or Yellow (over 50% of the figure is one of these base colors) we require that these figures be commissioned at Electrum level or higher. This is due to the difficulties in layering and building bright, vibrant layers when it comes to white and yellow paint.

For an in-depth look at our approach to painting, click here.


Bronze is what many consider to be a ‘3-color-down’ standard and is best suited for figures of limited detail, horde style armies  and modest budgets.  

Figures are primed, often using the base color of the model (such as Army Painter Bone for skeletons, Green for Orks, etc).   Major details are picked out in one flat color.  Either a wash OR a highlight (by airbrush) is then applied to separate details.  

Bases are painted a single flat, opaque color (generally black), our Tier 1 basing style.  

The final presentation is at true scale (no magnification).  

Some experienced painters request this level if only to apply finishing details themselves and eliminate the majority of the grunt work.  


Silver is our tabletop standard.

Figures are primed and given a zenithal (top-down) pre-shade by airbrush . The base coat is then applied, resulting in realistic lighting and basic contrast (a separation of bright and dark). 

Major detail and some minor details are picked out.  The final presentation is at 2x magnification.

You may select any Standard, Tier 2 basing style for your model.


Electrum is our tabletop plus standard.   The figure is primed pre-shaded, and base coated by airbrush, resulting in natural blends and transitions.

Highlights are applied to major details, resulting in a shadow, midtone, and highlight; three levels of contrast.   Some fine details are picked out and occasional line highlights are applied to prominent edges.  

You may either upgrade your Standard Basing to Wilderness basing,  or select any one Effect or Embellishments listed below.

The final presentation is at 3x  magnification.


Gold is a High Quality level, intended for special characters,  centerpiece models, and upscale collections.   At Gold level we begin to incorporate advanced tools and techniques. and it should be immediately evident these models were painted by an experienced painter.

As with figures painted at lower levels, the figure is primed and base coated by airbrush.  The pre-shade is more subtly applied to enrich contrast and emphasize shadow, resulting in extremely realistic transitions and smooth blends.  All fine details are picked out and edge highlights are applied to prominent areas.

Painting errors will be uncommon and only discernible under scrutiny.  The final presentation is at 4x magnification.

You may either upgrade your Standard Basing by two tiers,  or select up to two Effects or Embellishments listed below, in any combination. 



Platinum is what many consider to be ‘Pro-Painted’ or display quality, and represents some of the finest work we do in studio. 

Platinum is intended for figures that see limited life on the tabletop.  At this level our artist begin applying advanced art theory in order to make your miniature really stand out. Shadows and highlights are built up from complimentary colors; warm and cool colors are used in balance to create visual interest, the result being rich colors, blended with precision and care. 

Painting errors will be very rare and only discernible under intense scrutiny.  Final presentation is at 5x magnification.

You may either upgrade your Standard Basing by three tiers,  or select up to three Effects or Embellishments listed below, in any combination. 


Diamond level sample
Diamond level sample

Diamond is our Exalted Level is best suited for showcase only models.   These are collector’s pieces, intended to rival those of high end competition winners and not intended for game play.   It is ideal for busts and dioramas.  

Turnaround is slow, but the results are well worth the wait.  Models at this level extensive freehand designs and flat areas are given texture by brush to break them up and provide aesthetic interest.  Intimate details are readily apparent at this level.  

We use all the techniques outlined before, however, even more time is dedicated to detail and technique.  Layers are blended seamlessly.  Every detail is lavished and embellished.  Painting errors will be very rare and only discernible under extreme scrutiny.  The final presenation is at 10x magnification.  

You may either upgrade your Standard Basing by four tiers,  or select up to four Effects or Embellishments listed below, in any combination. 


ALL MODELS ARE MATTE VANISHED to provide protection from chipping and abrasion.  It also reduces sheen left behind from glazes, and washes. 

At higher levels, models are first gloss varnished to increase contrast as well as protect them from chipping, breakage, and abrasion. This thin layer of clear coat also enhances the colors of your models as well as adding a durable level of protection.

If you prefer another type of finish, such as Satin or Glossy,  let us know.   In some cases, the glossy look is preferred for figures such as oozes, insects, and aquatic creatures.

Board Game Figures

Shadows of Brimstone figuresislander The following chart reflects our rates for most Board Game figures. These rates take into account that these types of models require no assembly, and detail is often lower than the average wargame figure of commiserate size.

For RPG figures, see our Characters / RPG Figures chart below.

Model Size/Descriptor/Detail Level Bronze

Silver Electrum



Board Games
(Must be solid cast figures with no assembly required. For example, Zombicide would qualify but Kingdom Death would not.)
25mm Tiny/Small Monsters $8 $10 $15 $20 $30 By Request
25mm Medium Monsters $10 $12 $18 $24 $36 By Request
25mm Characters $30 $40 $60 $75 $115 By Request
40mm Large Monsters $15 $20 $30 $40 $55 By Request
50mm Giant Monsters $27 $35 $55 $70 $110 By Request
60mm Huge Monsters $38 $50 $75 $100 $150 By Request
80mm Massive Monsters $57 $75 $105 $150 $225 By Request
120mm Gargantuan Monsters $75 $100 $150 $200 $300 By Request


Busts represent a unique portrayal of a favorite character from a film, comic, or game. Generally speaking, we suggest all busts be at least Electrum Level or above.

The following chart reflects our rates for most Busts. These rates take into account size and above average detail level.

Size Bronze Silver Electrum Gold Platinum Diamond
1/10 Scale (Resin) $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 By Request
1/6 Scale (Resin) $250 $300 $350 $400 $450 By Request
Bust - Bronze Level
This Bronze Level bust is custom converted, practically from scratch.
Bust - Diamond Level
This Diamond Level bust combines custom conversion, sculpting, and the highest painting we offer.

Visit our Busts portfolio for more images.

RPG / Wargaming Miniatures

Our pricing structure is based on how complicated a model is to both assemble and paint. Larger, more complex models need more time to build, and more complicated color schemes require more time to paint and thus cost more. This rate guide is meant to serve as a general estimator, and will not cover every pricing scenario. When you have questions, let us know the particulars and we’ll work out a price that better matches the caliber of the work to be performed.

For models in other scales, such as 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, etc., email us the particulars of your request and we will provide you with a quote (for example, Battlefleet Gothic, Epic Armageddon, Halo Fleet Battles, Dropzone Commander, Firestorm Armada/Planetfall, to name just a few).

Furthermore, kits that are unusually complex to assemble, such as Tamiya kits or Dreamforge Leviathans (which have a level of assembly uncharacteristic for a model of their size/scale), or exceptionally time consuming to paint (such as 40k Heldrakes), will be priced accordingly and at a higher rate than normal for a model of their size.

Model Size/Descriptor/Detail Level Bronze

Silver Electrum



Infantry, Artillery, and Walkers
20mm Small Infantry $10 $13 $20 $25 $40 By Request
25-32mm Basic Infantry $12 $15 $23 $30 $45 By Request
25-32mm Veterans/Special Agents* $15 $20 $30 $40 $60 By Request
40-50mm ‘Large’ Infantry/Jump Infantry $18 $22 $33 $44 $66 By Request
Swarm Bases (40mm) $18 $22 $33 $44 $66 By Request
40-50mm ‘Large’ Veterans or Jump Infantry Veterans/Special Agents* $23 $30 $45 $60 $90 By Request
Heavy Weapons Teams (assumes 1-2 crew, 40-60mm base and weapon platform) $30 $40 $60 $90 $120 By Request
40mm ‘Oni’ aka ‘Little Monsters’ (lictors, raveners, etc) $33 $45 $70 $100 $135 By Request
50mm ‘Little Walkers’ (centurions, warwalkers, canoptek wraiths) $43 $55 $80 $110 $160 By Request
Artillery/Siege Engines (assumes 3-4 crew and bases larger than 60mm, if at all) $60 $80 $120 $160 $240 By Request
60mm ‘Big Monsters’/Walkers (IG sentinels, dreadnoughts, killa kans) $45 $70 $105 $140 $210 By Request
80mm Round to 105mm Oval ‘Huge’ Monsters/Walkers (Celestant Prime, Ghostkeel, Leviathan Dreadnought, etc) $68 $90 $135 $180 $270 By Request
120mm ‘Giant Monsters’/Walkers (trygon, bloodthirsters, riptides, etc) $83 $110 $165 $220 $330 By Request

170mm ‘Kaiju’/Mini-Titans (Imperial Knight, wraithknight)

Note that oversized knights (Tau Ta’unar KX139 Supremacy Armour, Forgeworld Cerastus Knights, etc.) are priced as Superheavies (under Vehicles and War Machines, below)

$135 $175 $250 $350 $500 By Request
Cavalry, Bikes, and Jetbikes
40mm ‘Small’ Cavalry (bikes, horses) $23 $30 $45 $60 $90 By Request
50mm ‘Large’ Cavalry (most jetbikes, many P3 models) $30 $40 $60 $80 $120 By Request
60mm ‘Monstrous’ Cavalry (juggernauts, thunderwolves, griffins, tomb blades, varanguard) $38 $50 $75 $100 $150 By Request
Vehicles and War Machines

Small ‘Skirmish/Scout’ Vehicles

Chariots/Skimmers (rhino, wave serpent, annihilation barge, most landspeeders, ork buggies, vypers, etc.)

$60 $80 $120 $160 $240 By Request
Medium ‘Assault’ Vehicles (predators, ork trukks, most flyers/skimmers/tanks), Drop Pods (Hazard Stripping is $25 more or inclusive with Electrum or above painting) $68 $90 $135 $180 $270 By Request
Large ‘Mobile Fortress’ Vehicles (battlewagons, ghost arcs, soul grinders, landraiders, heldrakes) $75 $100 $150 $200 $300 By Request
Superheavies (stompa, baneblade, etc.) $175 $225 $340 $450 $675 By Request
Exposed Crew** $12 $15 $23 $30 $45 By Request
Terrain / Fortifications / Scenery
(Applies to sprue/kit terrain only. For custom terrain, see our Terrain page under services.)
Small Terrain (Aegis lines, etc.) $45 $60 $90 $120 $180 By Request
Medium Terrain (single room structures, arcane fulcrums, weapon emplacements/batteries, etc.) $57 $75 $110 $145 $220 By Request
Large Terrain (Bastion sized, Forests, Garden of Morr, Landing Pad, etc.) $75 $100 $150 $200 $300 By Request
Fortress/Manor Sized (Fortress Redemption, Witchfate Tor, Skullvane Manse, Fortress of Redemption, etc.) $170 $225 $340 $450 $670 By Request
Game Boards/Tiles $150 Per 2′ x 2′ Tile Section
(Basing is not included with titan prices and varies based on size, scale, and scope.)
Scout Titans 8-10” (Warhound) N/A $750 $1000 $1500 $2000 By Request
Battle Titans 11-18” (Reaver) N/A $1000 $1500 $2000 $3000 By Request
Warlord Titans 18-24” N/A $3000 $4000 $5000 $6000 By Request
Characters / RPG Figures
(ONE OF THE GUYS: If your character generally matches the rest of your army we’ll knock 25% off!)
20mm Character Infantry N/A $40 $60 $80 $120 By Request
25-32mm Character Infantry N/A $45 $70 $90 $140 By Request
40mm ‘Large’ Character Infantry N/A$50 $75 $100 $150 By Request
50mm ‘Oni’ Characters*
(40k Primarchs are twice this rate, ie, $240 for Gold, $320 for Platinum, etc.)
N/A $60 $90 $120 $180 By Request
20-40mm Battle Standard Bearer (BSB) on Foot (Relictor, Bloodsecrator, etc.) N/A $65 $100 $130 $200 By Request
20-40mm Character on Cavalry/Mount,
60mm Monstrous Character (Murderfang, Bjorn)
N/A $75 $115 $150 $225 By Request
20-40mm Character on 60mm Large Cavalry/
80mm Enormous Characters (Skarbrand)
N/A $125 $185 $250 $375 By Request
20-40mm Character on  80-120mm Monstrous Mount (e.g., dragons, manticores, etc.)/
100mm Monstrous Characters (Magnus, Kairos, etc.)
N/A $175 $265 $350 $500 By Request
20-40mm Character on 130-170mm Gargantuan Mount/
130-170mm Gargantuan Characters (Archaon, Stardrake, Alarielle, Nagash, etc)
N/A $250 $375 $500 $750 By Request

Table last updated: 3/10/17. This pricing table subject to change without notice.

*Special Agents refers to figures with a greater than averge level of detail for a model of their type. For example, the new Blood Angels Tactical Marine has a level of detail commiserate with a Sternguard (and other veterans), despite their rank/status difference in game. Therefore we consider them a ‘Special Agent’ for the sake of painting only.

** Exposed crew refers to the visible crew members on any particular vehicle. The driver is typically included, but other crew are full price for a like model. For example, an Ork trukk has 2 default crew (gunner/driver), whilst a Dark Eldar Raider has multiple crew. There is a surcharge for Elite Crew or Large Crew. For closed canopies, there is no cost for pilots/gunners, etc.


As this Lizardman advances in levels, his gear, and even his animal companion, advances with him!
As this Lizardman advances in levels, his gear, and even his animal companion, advances with him!

Epic Character Progression

As your character advances in levels and gains prestige, so should your mini reflect these changes.

Commission a new EPIC version of a character you previously commissioned and we’ll knock 10% off labor on the new model!

We can even convert the figure to reflect newly acquired gear, animal companions, or familiars!

Display Plinths


For clients wishing to showcase their miniatures in all their resplendent glory, we recommend adding a display plinth to your order.

In most cases, clients may select either a resin or wooden plinth

The cost of the materials varies based on the size of the plinth.

We offer several styles of display plinths, summarized below:

Inquisitor 27
Slotted Plinths

Slotted plinths are immersive displays where your models base will recede into the plinth itself and be magnetized for stability. Round bases only.

Inquisitor 26
gabe 7

Scenic plinths

Scenic plinths add a terrain element to the above, incorporating bits of scenery to create dynamic basing.


Vignettes are like cut-aways, offering a befitting environment for the figure to exist in, whether that be a dungeon deep, a wartorn battlefield, or a derelict starship.



Mise-en-scène take vingettes and adds advancing modeling elements and techniques, including sculpted details, scratch building, water effects, and much more!

Slotted Plinths Scenic Plinths Vignette Plinths Mise-en-scène
Labor Cost $20 $100 $225 $300+*
$25 $25 $25 $25*
$50 $50 $50 $50*
Over 60mm Varies Varies Varies Varies
Total (USD) $50–75 $125–150 $225–300 $325+*

These are general rates, based on typical displays for most miniatures in standard sizes. Price can vary on a case by case basis and is highly subjective. For example, larger models will, of course, cost much more to create a display plinth (i.e., dragons and the like).

*Mise-en-scène is priced on a case by case basis and starts at $325, but can go up based on many factors, such as the size of the plinth and model, and the level of detail to be achieved, among others.

Painting Only / Already Assembled

We understand that some clients would prefer to assemble their own models. For the purpose of ‘painting only’ quotes, assembly makes up a percentage of the cost of labor, as indicated below. The higher level the project, the less assembly constitutes to the overall cost of labor.

Assembly Labor Cost
Bronze Silver Electrum Gold Platinum Diamond
30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5%

Matching Another Painter or Services Work
We are sometimes asked to match another painter’s style of painting, techniques, or color pallet; effectively reverse engineering a figure or unit. While we are happy to attempt to match another painter’s work and have had some success in this area, there is no guarantee. Colors may look differently on a video or photo than they do in real life, and some paints go out of production. Effectively we can do our best, but if you really like another painter’s work, we suggest contracting a model through that service.

3D Printed Figures Disclaimer
There is no doubt that 3D printers will play a major role in the future of miniature casting technology and we look forward to being able to design custom figures for clients one day.

High End 3D Printed Figure Gold Level
High End 3D Printed Figure Gold Level

Unfortunately, at the moment, these figures tend to have a very textured, gritty surface, which makes achieving high end results and smooth transitions on these figures practically impossible.

Currently, we are unable to offer a painting level higher than Gold on 3D printed figures, and there is nothing we can do about the surface textures on these figures.

Touch Ups for Life
As your drag your models around to game stores, conventions, and local events it’s inevitable that some of them will chip or get damaged in transit. No amount of varnish can guarantee protection for life. Fortunately, when you contract painting services through us, you are welcome to send them back to us as often as needed for touch ups.

Currently, there is no fee for this . . . not even return shipping! We do ask as a gesture of continued patronage for you to add a few models to your order. Our suggested minimum is $200, which could be a new unit, a new tank, a piece of terrain, or mix it up.

We also ask that you ship the models to us with the same care that we shipped them to you. Review our shipping guidelines to see how we ship and then try your best to emulate the method to ensure models show up with as little damage as possible.

If models are damaged to the point that touch ups are impractical, and it would make more sense to repaint the figure entirely, we’ll offer you a 30% discount on repainting the figure to any level you like.

Also, be sure to check out our Restoration service.

infinity-addendum-picture Infinity Addendum

Infinity Figures are a bit of a special case. They demand a great attention to detail because of the aesthetic of the game.

As such, Gold is the lowest level we recommend for figures of this caliber. Put another way, Gold is like a Tabletop Level for Infinity, and Platinum is like Tabletop Plus!

Other Painting Options

Much of the painting we do is by airbrush. As much as 75% of a model can be airbrushed in many cases, such as with larger figures. But not every client has access to their own airbrush, nor do they want the hassle, added expense, or upkeep that is required with airbrushing.

The painting options outlined below are designed for clients that want to take advantage of our airbrushing expertise, but who still want to have a part in painting their own models.

Primed: We prime your assembled models for you. Choose from any of the following colors: Black, White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Dark Red, Dark Green, Olive Drab, Yellow Green, Light Brown. Models are primed by airbrush to avoid obscuring detail, then touched up as needed. We guarantee 100% coverage on every model or your money back on any model with bald patches!

Base Coated: We airbrush on the foundation color of your model. Generally any color you like, any range you like, so long as it will pump through an airbrush. Good examples of this might be green for Orks, blue for Ultramarines, etc. This can either done in a uniform, flat color that is evenly distributed or a ‘pre-shade’ style approach, where we under saturate ‘shadowy recesses’ to give the illusion of depth.

Base Coated with a Mop Wash or Zenithal Highlight: Just like basecoat, but we also apply a thinned down mop wash of an appropriate shade to the entire figure or a zenithal highlight to create a natural highlight.

Base Coated with a Mop Wash AND Zenithal Higlight: Just like above, as the name implies in that order; wash then a highlight.

Airbrush Only: We apply just the basic colors via an airbrush and let you take care of the detailing! This works much better for larger models, such as vehicles, big monsters, or terrain, and is priced accordingly.

By adding shading washes, we wash key areas with washes that will help accent those areas. Unlike a mop wash, the wash is not applied uniformly to the entire model. For example, skin is washed with a flesh wash, metal area with oil wash, etc. This is highly subjective to taste.

Service/Scale of Model* 20-28mm figures and equivalent size 40-50mm figures and equivalent size 60-75mm figures and equivalent size 100-170mm figures and equivalent size
Primed $1.00/model $2.00/model $4.00/model $8.00/model
Ballast material applied** $0.50/model $1.00/model $2.00/model $4.00/model
Primed & Base Coated $2.00/model $4.00/model $8.00/model $12.00/model
Primed & Pre-shaded $3.00/model $6.00/model $10.00/model $15.00/model
Base Coated with wash or highlight $4.00/model $8.00/model $15.00/model $20.00/model
Base Coated with wash & highlight $5.00/model $10.00/model $20.00/model $25.00/model
Airbrush Only 25% of Labor when applicable 25% of Labor 50% of Labor 75% of Labor
Airbrush with shading washes 35% of Labor when applicable 35% of Labor when applicable 60% of Labor 85% of Labor


* For models assembled in sub-assemblies, additional charges may apply.
** Ballast material generally refers to a mixture of sand with varying levels of grit, such as fine, medium and coarse.

Effects and Embellishments

Even painting levels don’t cover all the painting basics! Painting levels refer to the quality of the paint job and attention to detail, where as Effects and Embellishments refer to technical aspects of painting, such as weathering, cinematic effects, and blood/gore.

You qualify for FREE Effects/Embellishments based on the painting level you select:

  • Electrum: 1 free effect/embellishment
  • Gold: 2 free effects/embellishments
  • Platinum: 3 free effects/embellishments
  • Diamond: Unlimited free effects/embellishments

Gore & Splatter


Rotten to the Core

bloody-sample-1 Lots of blood!

A gory mess!

Great for Chaos, Zombies, and the like.
Open sores and pustules, weeping wounds and spilling entrails, etc.

Rusty, disregarded weapons, etc.




Weathered or Rusty

glow-sample Tons of OSL (object source lighting).

We look for places to put lightning or sparks, the glow of fire, lava, or plasma, even radioactive!
Dirt/grime/mud on boots/treads/tires.

Tarnish such as rust, oxidation/patina.

Chipped or cracked armor/metal plating, etc.




Heat damage (weapons barrels), Melta Damage, Acid Damage, bullet holes, etc. We put snow and ice everywhere.

Hanging off gun barrels or vehicle bumpers, snow packed on vehicle panels, and lots of snowy/ice bases to match!


Cinematic Action “Hollywood Style”

Iridescent/Color Shifting Paint

Focus on action, tons of muzzle blasts and explosions, etc.
We traditionally use Armorcast Cinematic Effects for these conversions.

Price above DOES NOT include the cost of the actual cinematic effects materials; only the cost to paint.
Iridescence is a color shifting property achieved by using special metallic pigments and iridescent mediums.

Great for metallic models such as Convergence of of Cyriss, Necrons, and vehicles!

Great for oozes, slimes, and chitin!


Pricing for these sorts of effects is based on the relative size of the model. If you want extra embellishments, for example two at Electrum level, these are our general prices:

  20 – 28mm figures and equivalent size 40 – 50mm figures and equivalent size 60 – 75mm figures and equivalent size 100 – 170mm figures and equivalent size
Effect Cost $1.00/model $2.00/model $4.00/model $8.00/model

Free Hand

Currently, WMG quotes free hand technique (such as custom banners, etc.) on a case by case basis. We estimate work by the hour at $25/hour.

Here are some common requests and previous examples:

Vets 10
  • Banner/Standard . . . $75
  • Scrollwork . . . $25 (character names, etc.)
  • Sculpted Details . . . $50+ (tortured faces in lava, etc.)
  • Knight Shoulder Pauldron . . . $100-$150 each
Banner 4 Banner 7

Email us with any questions you might have and include your request.


Themes refer to the style of painting, versus the level. It refers more to color choice and emphasis than detail level or technique. For example, ‘Blue Willow’ was a popular style of painting, where painters utilized a mostly blue palette to achieve a desired look.

Generally it doesn’t cost anything extra to ‘theme’ an army, but it may affect how we quote your project, so let us know if you’d like to theme your army so that we can quote appropriately.

This fire breathing dragon embodies classic elements of Chiaroscuro.
This fire breathing dragon embodies classic elements of Chiaroscuro.

This Environmental Tau Commander channels the lightning of a turbulent storm.
Theme Notes on Technique
Classic Traditional Painting techniques; tried and tested. When no theme is noted, we default to ‘Classic’.
Monochrome Minimal Pallet. Limiting colors can speed up painting tremendously. Great for undead, spirits, and chaos themed models.
Natural Themed Your army is themed after natural predators, such as sharks, orcas, snake, hunting cats, spider, or the like.
Chiaroscuro Heavy Shadows; focus on contrast between light and dark. Great for OSL or anything with a lot of ambient light sources (like Necrons).
Watercolor Technique, i.e., Shaded Baecoat Technique Made famous by James Wappel, models are painted with lots and lots of thin washes and glazes to achieve a more natural, seamless look. Great for organic models and living creatures!
Environmental Aspects of nature, such as starscapes, stormfronts, and more, are transferred onto your miniature and base thematically. Recommended for Gold level projects and up, only!


Many game manufacturers sell pre-painted miniatures. Good examples of this include Dust Tactics, the X-Wing Game by Fantasy Flight Games, and Pathfinder Battles.

Repaints are generally about 25% cheaper than our traditional painting rate since the figures are preassembled and primed for painting. Models can optionally be rebased to help them stand out even more (some fees will apply).

For games in a different or unusual scale, such as the X-Wing Miniatures Game, the chart below summarizes our repainting rates. Detail level is commiserate with the original model, but can include a few extra details such as carbon scoring, OSL, etc.

X-Wing Repaints
Ship Size Sample Model Price
Starfighters X-Wing/TIE Fighter $25.00
Small Freighters Millennium Falcon / Slave I $50.00
Large Frieghter Hounds Tooth $75.00
Cruisers Rebel Transport $100.00
Capital Ships Rebel Blockade Runner $175.00

How We Paint – The White Metal Games Painting Method

Our goal is to create Efficient – Consistent – Dynamic miniatures.

Efficient: Great models shouldn’t take forever to reach the client. We use refined techniques and assembly line methods to maximize workflow.

Consistent: Great models should be something our clients can count on every time they buy from us, especially if they add to a project over time. Our goal is to match or exceed our work every time.

Dynamic: Great models should stand out on the tabletop, no matter what painting level you selected. Our models should be visually interesting and convey depth.