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Sometimes I make mistakes with my models as I’m building them. I will ask WMG and he is glad to help me to fix my problems. The service really is well done. One times before I got the tiny magnets for models he was glad to help me put a... read more
Cameron DeMai Avatar
Cameron DeMai
Great quality and price! Hope to have business with you soon!
Vsevolod Aleinikov Avatar
Vsevolod Aleinikov
great communication, and outstanding work!
Philip Payton Avatar
Philip Payton
Very Friendly and responsive.
Larry Campbell Avatar
Larry Campbell
Absolutely incredible service and wonderful people. Caleb was accommodating and unfailingly polite and the painters were superb! Ryan and Preston did an outstanding job on my bases and Old One Eye and I recommend this service without reservation. They are worth every penny!
Carl Stokes Avatar
Carl Stokes
Visited their booth at NOVA, best prices, awesome sales, and friendly staff!
Jeff Phillips Avatar
Jeff Phillips

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5 star ratingWhite Metal is amazing! I have never set up LEDs in a model before, and I wanted to light up a Sky Shield Landing Pad for Warhammer 40k. White metal took the vision out of my mind's eye and made it better than I had imagined! This piece looks amazing!
Steve D. Avatar
Steve D.
5 star ratingTop-notch quality and professional service. Assembled, magnetized, and painted my Dreadnought model and several weapons. The results were spectacular. Shipping was prompt and securely packed. Will absolutely use White Metal games for commission work again.
Joe D. Avatar
Joe D.
5 star ratingBar none, the best studio I've ever worked with. I submitted a 5-man squad of Tempestus Scions for refurbishment to really make them pop as their current paint job was definitely not up to snuff. The entire process from quote to finish was an absolute joy working with Caleb. He... read more
Antonio D. Avatar
Antonio D.
5 star ratingI would highly recommend White Metal Games to anyone. Caleb (The owner) was very accommodating and understanding with me when I had some "unexpected" life issues come up. There service was professional, efficient, and delivered the exact vision and color scheme I wanted for my Blood Bowl team and... read more
Moon W. Avatar
Moon W.
5 star ratingSurprisingly quick work - and that's not to imply it's shoddy. They do an excellent job and they're very good at keeping you informed of the timeframe for the project. Shipping was very safe, with even more delicate items arriving intact. Most importantly, they're very flexible and willing to talk... read more
Alfred S. Avatar
Alfred S.
5 star ratingGood Day!

I tend not to write reviews - that said my experience with White Metal Games (WMG) must be shared!

I have been interested in the gaming world and miniatures for a long time but have never taken the "plunge" since 1. I was not overly familiar with where to begin...
read more
Nathan W. Avatar
Nathan W.

Video reviews


“. . . rented Guiliman he helped me out in a 14vs11 game at 5k points XD.”

Steve D.

“This is a slick and professional operation. There is constant and informative communication from Caleb about the progress and status of your commission. This shouldn’t be taken for granted as it is so rare in a company such as this. You will never be left in the dark and will know exactly what is happening with the assembling and painting of your miniatures. The miniatures, at gold level, are amazing and worth the cost in my opinion. My gaming group are always looking at my painted miniatures (from Kingdom Death Monster) with a mixture of awe and envy and they are hard to please! I would thoroughly recommended these guys as their friendly service, professionalism and quality of product is genuine.”  Richard M.

“White Metal Games is a rare combination of high level craftsmanship and top notch customer service. During the process of the first consignment, Caleb went back and forth with me to make sure that every detail was carefully considered and ironed out.  Needless to say, the final customized figurines are gorgeous and exceeded my every expectation.  If you’re in the market for custom painted miniatures, this is the company for you. Try them out, you won’t be disappointed!” Stephen N.

“I couldn’t be more happy with the quality of painting and exceptional customer service I received from Caleb and White Metal Games. Despite my needing to modify my order twice in just a few days (sorry, guys!) they were more than accommodating to my needs and didn’t make me feel as though I was making things tough for them…although, of course I was, which is pretty much the definition of great customer service.

My miniature, the Gorm, from Kingdom Death: Monster, was done at their GOLD level and I couldn’t be happier. When I say they made it frighteningly beautiful from the tip of its…well, I guess you’d call it a lure…to the tip of its tail I really mean it: I have no idea how they were able to make the tip of its tail appear to be an eerie, translucent pink or its lure almost glow green. The skin has so much contrast and detail it looks like if you were to reach out and touch it that it might feel like real elephant skin.

Turn around time was quick and the feedback I got in that time to make sure all the details were exactly what I wanted was outstanding. If I ever have to travel via USPS, I hope someone wraps me as carefully as they did the Gorm. Yeah, that’s a weird thing to say, but seriously, someone could have sat on the box and it would have still been ok.

Pricing was very reasonable, especially given the quality of the art. These guys will cut you a break for multiple pieces, or for assembling a mini yourself, or for coming back, or for recommending a friend…in other words, they want your business and want to thank you for it. Let them.”   Curtis A.

“For my first commission I got to say WMG is the way too go! They took the vision right out of my head and made 10x better! Weekly Communication, good quality photos, and a amazing conversion! You can really tell the people at WMG really care about your project and do everything in there power to make your vision come true! Can’t recommend them enough!” Scott T.

“I have used White Metal Games’ commission bits acquiring, assembly and painting services for multiple projects and have always been amazed at the quality-for-the-price ratio that I obtain with Caleb.  Furthermore, his consignment service (selling miniatures on my behalf) netted me more money than I could have obtained if I tried selling the miniatures and books myself.  I wholeheartedly recommend White Metal Games’ services to any miniature war gamer, especially if you are located in North America.”  Olivier L.

“They did a great job in my commission. Using Skype as a way to communicate and kick off the project was an excellent idea and helped set the work in the right direction. The really do care about their customer and are completely professional. Would work with them again.”  Mark C.

“If your like me and get burnt out on painting all your models, these are the guys to go to for help. For the amount of work that goes into it all, the price is VERY fair. Not to mention they go step by step with you letting know of every move they make and every option/direction you can take. I’m already thinking about getting more custom work done.”  Carson M.

“The best character commission I have ever received.  Worth every penny.”  Taror

“All studios are expected to paint well, but not all are great converters. Caleb really did a wonderful job with the conversions. He took my initial ideas and went wild.  Moreover, he consistently asked questions to ensure I was happy with how the project with the progress. In projects where he had more room for creativity, he used this opportunity to provide me with an outline of his thoughts and visions which was immensely useful.”  – Lance L.

“was just browsing the site when I came across your little corner, and I must say your custom made models are some of the best I’ve seen for a
long time. I custom build my own models too, (currently working on a hydraphant) and I know how difficult it can be. I just wanted to congratulate
you on those fantastic models. :D” — vallhemn

“The models look amazing, even better than I expected from the pictures! Most of all, you worked hard to get them to me just in time for the event which I am very impressed with considering the level of quality and care that you clearly took with every detail of the assembly/painting/converting. I received countless complements on the models all weekend long and I made sure to recommend your services to everyone I spoke to. I could not speak highly enough about your business. ”  Jake M.

“The result of the kit bashing is even more impressive than I imagined . . . Many thanks “- Luiz G.


I thought I’d let you know that I did receive the dreadnought this weekend.  I have to say, it’s even more impressive when holding it in the hand.  I’m a very tactile person; pictures do their job, but for me to really appreciate something, I’ve got to actually hold it.

Needless to say, I’m very happy with your work” — Justin

“im happy to say im more than impressed every time . . .” — saturate8173

” . . . am extremely excited and am blown away with the exquisite detail from the pictures. I am very happy with how it came out . . . ” — William S.