FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business? / How did you get started?

I have been an avid wargamer since the mid ’90s. I started experimenting with kit bashing and conversions back in 2006.  Over time, I became more and more confident and my ventures got bigger. I sold whatever I built in order to continue work. By 2008 I was actively trying to sell my wares through eBay, which became the primary market for my work. In 2011 I formally founded White Metal Games, continuing to market myself through eBay.

Does WMG have a brick and mortar store?

No.  However White Metal Games (WMG) is planning to expand into open an industrial space in 2017.  

I live near Raleigh. Can I pick up my items in person?

Yes, we can sometimes arrange for local pick ups!  Please see our Local Pick Ups section for details.

When I went to check out, there were taxes applied! What gives?

If you live in the state of North Carolina, we are required by law apply whatever the current sales tax is to items that are bought by those living in the state. Sorry to all our fellow North Carolinians. What you pay for in taxes, however, you make up for in speed of service; in some cases your models will arrive the very next day.

I used to buy your custom figures on eBay and they went for much less! What gives, why are you jacking up the prices?

eBay is an online auction site.  The benefit to buying our models on eBay is that you might get them for a real bargain! The downside is you might not, and you have to wait, competing with others for models.  The reality is that eBay is sort of like our ‘bargain bin’ and anything you buy from us in an official capacity, like through our website, will be a more accurate representation of what we consider fair pricing for our models.

Do you do custom conversion work?

YES. See our Custom Transfiguration page and check out our gallery for examples of our work.

Do you paint models?

YES! See our Painting section for details.

Do you handle rush jobs? I have a tournament next weekend and I need a figure painted by then!

Yes and no. Yes, we CAN rush a model, but rushing a model is usually tricky. Complicated conversions can take weeks just to get all the parts in, not to mention the actual labor for conversions and then time to paint. For the moment our conversion artists work full time jobs and only complete these projects in their off hours. That means we can’t just rush out to find parts for your model, paint all day, and mail it out immediately.

The only way a rush job really works is if we have all the parts already in the studio or can get them at a local game shop immediately; and the paint scheme is simple (tier 1-3). It also depends on the size of the project. One figure is possible, but a whole army is not. The bottom line is contact us to get a specific quote on rush jobs, but don’t expect to pay less than double the standard cost of the project.

How quick is the turnaround in your studio?

Currently about 2-4 weeks, depending on the nature and size of the project.

Man, what’s with all the Tyranids?

Tyranids were my first army and the one I am the most fond of. Their ability to adapt proves to be the perfect vessel for kit-bashing opportunities, second only to perhaps Chaos. Accordingly, most of my early work was centered around Tyranids (in large part due to GW’s lack of product support for the Tyranid line). These proved to be the perfect models to practice organic sculpting technique on and we translated this experience to our other work with ease.

Why are so many of your models on the site unpainted?

For a long time we were an ‘assembly only’ studio.  Now we do both, but it wasn’t always that way.  Hence why there are so many unpainted models in our gallery.

I want you to build me a really big warmachine, like a (but not an official) titan! How much will it cost?

Contact us for details.  While we can’t build you an official ‘Titan’ we’ll be happy to build you a giant robot.