Getting a Quote

How to obtain a quote for services:

When you are ready to request a quote, simply contact us! Feel free to send us pictures, scanned documents, or the like; to give us an idea of what you are looking for. You can’t be too detailed. If you include links, please remember not all browsers are created equal and we can’t guarantee what we are seeing is what you are seeing! When in doubt, we prefer a pic over a link any day.

Use our custom price calculator (coming soon) to get a general idea of what your project will cost. The more honest you are when entering your data, the closer the price will be to reflecting an actual quote. If a model is going to require extensive transfiguration work then don’t enter it as a simple infantry figure. The price calculator is just a tool. Every project is different and we take every factor into account.

Once we receive your initial email, we’ll contact you ASAP, generally within a business day or so. We’ll correspond with you regarding the project and throw some numbers your way. Once both parties are agreed on the terms of the project, we’ll send you an actual quote.

We are happy to field questions or provide a quote. Drop us a line at