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Beginning in 2013, Warcouncil was a bi-monthly hobby centered podcast for miniature enthusiasts.  It  covered a wide range of topics including exclusive insight into White Metal Games, painting and hobby tips, convention coverage, special guests such as authors, game designers, and much more! 

Warcouncil is no longer in active production, but you can still enjoy 51 episodes of the show.

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War Council™ is a presentation of White Metal Games™.

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War Council #52 – Podcast Not Found. Cancel or Retry?

Episode 52 Podcast: Podcast Not Found. Cancel or Retry?

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Running time: 1:20:08

INTRO00:00Edward and Hunter introduce what’s coming in this, our last episode of War Council.
WHAT’S NEW02:55Edward & Hunter discuss the new Blood Angels Dawnbreaker Cohort Miniatures as well as some of the Age of Sigmar Updates for December 2019. We also discuss the Master Lazarus Primaris miniature, along with the new Psychic Awakening book, ‘Ritual of the Damned’
HUNTER LORE & CRACKPOT THEORIES 25:40 Wherein Edward & Hunter discuss Magnus the Red, and the Gray Knights in anticipation of the new chapter of the Psychic Awakening: Ritual of the Damned. As well as other demonic Primarchs, and ones who never literally demonized like Magnus was. This also segues right into our ‘Crackpot Theories’ segment, where we talk about possible new releases of chaos chapter leaders and/or primarchs later this year.
SERVICE SEGMENT53:45How you can still donate to War Council if you’d like to see more episodes… Doubtful, but throw a pizza at your local podcaster or painters. You can still get em a pizza while they’re there. Also how you can find Edward after the podcast is over with. That way it needn’t be goodbye, merely Ta-Ta-For-Now. TTFN, Folks!
AUDIO SHORT STORY 55:20 From the Warhammer Community page, Edward reads us ‘The Piercing Eyes’ by Callum Davis, who tells us a story of a Gray Knight scrying on Magnus the Red…
01:13:58 Edward gives us a little, but he feels a quite important rant. No lighthearted this time he’s afraid. This time it’s time to get real. Bad things… are afoot.
CLOSING 01:15:30 Edward and Hunter play us out, and give us a sendoff. Stay safe, folks. Roll crits.
CLOSING MONTAGE 01:19:00You didn’t think Edward was gonna let an opportunity like this slip did ya?

Music List:

The Doors – The End
Freakazoid – Technical Difficulties
Ultraman – Ending Warning Monologue
Star Wars: Ep 4: A New Hope – Ending Dogfight
Doctor Who: Castrovalva – The Regeneration of the 4th Doctor
Mass Effect 3 – The Cerberus Plot
Leo Moracchioli – What’s New, Pussycat?
Mass Effect 3 – Creation
Mass Effect – New Worlds
Igor Stravinsky – The Rite of Spring
Tangerine Dream – Legend – Darkness
Mass Effect – New Worlds
Two Steps From Hell – Heart of Courage
Doctor Who: The End of Time – “I don’t want to go!”
Groucho Marx – Hello, I Must Be Going!
Johnny Cash – We’ll Meet Again
Mystery Science Theater – Push the Button, Frank.


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