Podcast 46: And Now, Back to Our Program…

Episode 46 Podcast: And Now, Back to Our Program…

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Running time: 52:24

Opening00:00 Opening, Edward & Caleb introduce the return of the War Council Podcast.
Skit: ‘Cooking With Gog’02:52Gog the Orruk Cook shares what makes good eatin’. In his ‘umble opinion that is.
The Noob and Underworld06:55Edward talks about his game of Underworld that he played with Hunter
Shout-Outs11:15Shane makes shout-outs for The Magnet Baron, as well as Fallout Hobbies.
Interview: Caleb Dillon of White
Metal Games, and the 2-Year Interval
12:48Owner Caleb Dillon speaks with Edward regarding the 2 year interval interval
and all the changes that have been happening at White Metal Games since then.
Product Lore Discussion38:20Shane and Edward discuss the Iron Hands and the Raven Guard.
One-Minute Rant48:28Edward shares his ‘opinion‘ on the divided Star Wars fandom.