War Council Podcast #49 – Guard Duty & Fallout Hobbies

Episode 49 Podcast: Guard Duty & Fallout Hobbies

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Running time: 1:09:56

Intro00:00:00The Intro Montage
Skit: Guard Duty00:01:39Steve and Frank, coming on their guard detail in the morning, discuss guard duty.
What’s new at White Metal Games00:06:27Sisters of Battle
Ogor Battletome
Necromunda Dark Uprising
New Tutorials
3 Minutes of Joy
New Rentals
What’s in the Pipe?00:20:48Preston’s Medals
Paul Winters’ Medals
Brian Rees’ Battle Sister Cathedral
Ryan’s Deathwatch Tutorials
Preston’s Urban Camo Tutorials
Interview00:29:08We ask questions of Ron & Jules at Fallout Hobbies.
Skit: Lunch Hour on Arr’Rokk00:56:45Gog an Rakk’da’Wrench have a talk.
Hunter Lore00:59:12Our hosts talk with Hunter regarding Ogors.
Service Segment01:05:32Service segment for the Podcast
Shoutouts01:07:06Mohawk Miniatures, Happy 12’th birthday to Army Painter,
Outro:01:09:03Outro: Coming next week, we’ve an interview with


Opening Montage:
The Fifth Element – Zorg and the Mercenaries
Rob Zombie – Superbeast
Starship Troopers – “We! Get! You! Sir!”
Highlander – The Kurgen in Church
Mass Effect 3 – The Cerberus Plot
Amilcare Ponchielli – Dance of the Hours
John Mulaney – The Salt & Pepper Diner
Leo Moracchioli – What’s New, Pussycat
DJtheFishhead – Subwoofer in the Underground (SM Underground Dubstep Remix)
Pogo – Bigger Blue (Spirited Away Remix)
Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks – Audrey’s Dance
Paddy Kingsland – Big Bad Giant
Mass Effect 2 – New Worlds
Hudson Leick – Callisto Screaming
Tears for Fears – SHOUT
Mass Effect – Uncharted Worlds