War Council Podcast #50 – The Thanksgiving Shoe

Episode 50 Podcast: The Thanksgiving Shoe

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Running time: 1:27:10

Intro00:00Edward intros the show and lets you know what we’ve got coming. Much like this table of contents does.
SKIT 01:55 GeneSeedNow Skit
What’s New 03:20 Edward & Hunter talk about Psychic Awakening and Chaos Sorcerers We also get into the Mephiston / Blood Angel Librarian Release, as well as Da Red Gobbo. There’s a post on our Facebook of a LOT of the finished pieces of Bryan’s city sized cathedral display pieces, including the great pipe organ we talked about a few episodes ago. Finally, in the Rentals, we’ve got Hunter’s Orlock Scrap Hounds that got used recently in a video.
Interview 27:06 Edward speaks with Caleb Dillon regarding the new subscription model we’re moving over to from just a straight commission
service here at White Metal Games.
What’s In The Pipe 50:42 Edward & Hunter talk about video of a Necromunda Battle between Bryan and James, Orlocks vs. Van Saar as well as video of Preston working on Kayvaan Shrike of the Raven Guard.
Hunter Lore 55:28 Edward speaks with Hunter regarding the newer Primaris Space Marines. What chapters ought to get the upgrades, and really which ones may not be the best people to make bigger and stronger.
Service Segment 1:11:39 Podcaster information and links using the buttons at the top of this page. Or if you’d like to donate to keep our podcast going, you can go to:
Podbean: warcouncil.podbean.com
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Crackpot Theories1:13:13Hunter discusses with Edward some of this ‘Crackpot Theories‘. (His words, not mine. -Edward)
One Minute Rant 1:24:24 Whammageddon. I repeat… WHAMMAGEDDON IS COMING.
OUTRO 1:26:18 Edward Outros the Show


30 Seconds to Mars – Brave New World
Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco – Mass Effect 3 – The Cerberus Plot
Leo Moracchioli – What’s New Pussycat?
Red Army Choir – Korobeiniki (Tetris Theme)
Ramin Djawadi – Westworld – Violent Delights
Tangerine Dream – Firestarter – Charly the Kid
Eric Serra – Goldeneye – The Goldeneye Overture
Daft Punk – Tron Legacy – The Game Has Changed
Yasunori Mitsuda – Xenogears – Shebat: The Wind is Calling
Neuroticfish – They’re Coming to Take Me Away
Jack Wall and Sam Hulick – Mass Effect – Uncharted Worlds