War Council Podcast #51 – The Last Christmas

Episode 51 Podcast: The Last Christmas

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Running time: 2:16:48

Intro00:00:57Opening Comments with Edward
Cthulhu Project00:03:47 Hunter & Edward talk HP Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Wars project our painters just finished. As well as offer general commentary on Lovecraft in media in general.
The Holidays in Warhammer00:27:57Are there holidays in Warhammer or 40K? Hunter educates Edward on what the Imperium does for Christmas.
What’s New00:39:14Edward & Hunter discuss some of the reveals from the Warhammer Open Day 2019. Also the new Kill Team and Chapter Approved Books, along with the teased animated series and the Warhammer Chaos Knights set. Grot Bombers?
Tau Talk01:23:09With the hint that the Psychic Awakening is going to come to the Tau in February (perhaps) Hunter & Edward talk Tau, and why people seem to want to throw so much shade at this seemingly pure mecha-using sci-fi interlopers into an otherwise ‘Gothic Grimdark Forever War’ between sci-fi’d fantasy faces writ large across the stars.
Short Audiodrama01:53:34Mr. WinterRose, in honor of the Christmas season, doesn’t QUITE give you peace on Earth… But beyond the Mandragora sector of known space, far beyond the eastern spiral arm of the Milky Way, one cargo ship civilian finds himself in the Yendapeer system. Join us for a bit of audiodrama in “I Am Not Binpack.”
Fallout Hobbies Ad.02:11:24Fallout Hobbies. The Satisfaction’s In the Detailing.
Service Segment02:12:13Please come to our Podbean, our Patreon or our Paypal and support this EXCELLENT gaming podcast. (Links above.)
One Minute Rant02:13:44Spoiler Culture
Closing02:15:36Closing comments with Edward

Music List:

Independence Day – Oh no, you did NOT shoot that-
Metallica – One
Drowning Pool – Bodies
Die Hard – Now I Have a Machine Gun…
The Nightmare Before Christmas – Poor Jack…
Mass Effect 3 – The Cerberus Plot
Metallica – The Call of Ctulu
Metallica & the San Francisco Orchestra – The Call of Ctulu
Dark Christmas Music – Carol of the Bells
Dark Christmas Music – Jingle Bells
Leo Moracchioli – What’s New, Pussycat?
John Williams – 1941 – To Hollywood, And Glory!
Castlevania – Symphony of the Night – Prayer
Danny Elfman – Mars Attacks – Main Titles
Danny Elfman – Mars Attacks – Destructo X
Tangerine Dream – Firestarter – Between Realities
Mass Effect 3 – Creation
Thomas Newman – The Green Mile – The Mouse on the Mile
Thomas Newman – Ghosts
John Frizzell – VR.5 – Sydney’s Theme
Doris Day – Tic, Tic, Tic
Abney Park – Converty Carol
Mass Effect – Uncharted Worlds