Episode 43: Here There Be Dragons

Episode 43 Podcast: Here There Be Dragons

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February 3, 2017

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Here There Be Dragons
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To move or not to move, that is the question . . .

On expanding foam and hills; plus making the most of our your casting dollar!

Busiest month ever ahead of us! And our largest commission ever arrives!!!

On the Painting Desk
For Caleb, Magnus the Red redux, plus Reaver refurb, and yes more knights! 40 Tankbustas, Ork Lord on Bike, and Ork Mack Trukk! Plus Cryx, Mercs, and Tau galore!

For the guys, Fateweaver cometh! And yes, some DRAGONS forthcoming for a return client . . .

Service Spotlight
Just a reminder that Magnus the Red contest expires on the 15th of February, enter now!!!

Cold Ones cavalry, Eldar Exodite Army anyone?

Tips on Technique
Why are dragons such an iconic part of fantasy? What is the majestic appeal of these fire breathing monsters?

The D&D Dragon Conundrum . . . the blue dragon example.

Chromatic vs. Metallic – tips for painting TMM scales.

Our favorite dragon sculpts; modern vs. Classic Dragons.

Don’t forget the base!

Tips for painting dragon scales, wings, claws/horns, and the like. How to use techniques like overbrushing, drying brushing, washes and highlight to make your dragons pop!

1 Minute Rant or Gush
Caleb rants on TAXES!!! The guys gush on GW in general and their new customer oriented MO.
Next time on the podcast will be EITHER Banshee (Alfonso Giraldez) or Arcane Paintworks.

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