War Council #48 – The Halloween Episode

Episode 48 Podcast: The Halloween Episode

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Running time: 34:00

Intro00:00Shane and Edward get into what’s happening this episode
Skit02:44Vendredis’ Cursed Game Store
What’s in the Pipe?07:00Shane & Edward talk about the Fury of Dracula project, and the Cthulhu Wars set. Talk about Manfred
Von Carstein and Neferata minis.
Interview11:20Edward speaking with Bryan Paul Rees on Blood Effects & The Pipe Organ.
What’s New!22:23Ossiarch BoneReapers & Orruk-tober Codexes with Edward & Shane
Product Review27:08Azathoth Miniature Review with Shane & Edward
Outro 32:40 Coming Next week: Interview with Shrine of Chaos, the release of the Sisters of Battle Army

Music Credits:
Gary Malkin – Unsolved Mysteries
Camille St. Saens – Funeral March for a Marionette
Wojciech Kilar – Bram Stoker’s Dracula (End Credits)
Hiroshi Miyagawa – White Comet (Space Battleship Yamato)
Danny Elfman – March of the Dead (Army of Darkness)
The Reds – Leeds’ House (Manhunter)
Analoc – The Duke (Manos, The Hands of Fate)