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Up to 10% off Labor with no minimum to buy?  Yes please!

Tandem Commissions

A new concept we are exploring at WMG are tandem commissions.   In essence, we are allowing multiple clients to qualify for the Bulk/Volume Discount rate, by teaming up!

We offer many types of discounts at White Metal Games and these are constantly evolving and changing to suit our clients needs.  But the most sought after discount is the Battle Brothers/Volume discount.  This discount can score you up to 10% off labor on your commission!  On a $2000 project, that’s like $200 in instead savings!  On a $3000 project, likes like a free Imperial Knight with all the magnetized options!  

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Problem is not ever client has $2000 to spare!  We understand.  Not all clients have the same level of disposable/hobby income.  But fear not!  By finding clients with similar interests, we can pass these prestigious benefits on to the client pool rather than reserve them for high dollar clients.  

Just so we’re clear, here are the discounts were are talking about:

Bulk/Volume Discount


% Labor Discount

Bonus Item!









WMG Tape Measure for all clients that spend over $125 dollars!



Choice of WMG Coffee mug or Baseball Cap for any client spending over $250



WMG BLACK LOGO T-shirt for any client spending over $500.  

Please note that these bonus items are a variation of our standard bonus items, and were selected to be manageable, practical, and deliverable to a large group in a reasonable time frame.

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Say the studio wants to build a Space Wolf Army to showcase. Clients can sign up to be part of the project, adding units to the army roster and when the project is complete, they pay for these units just like they would any other commission albeit at a discount.  The more clients that sign up, the better the overall discount applied to each individual commission!  Once the project is completely done, the army will be showcased, we’ll play a few bat reps and then the models will be mailed to the individual, respective clients.  

Sign up for our mailing list to keep informed about Tandem Commissions! If you’d like to suggest a group project, just get some friends together and run the idea by me! I can always reach out to the community and try to stir up interest!

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Our first tandem commission will take advantage of the recent GW Releases Deathwatch: Overkill and Death Masque.  Using models from these cores sets and supplementing the models from the GW Deathwatch Range we will assemble a full 2000+ points of Deathwatch Marines as well as a substantial force of Harlequins and Genestealer Cultists to boot!

You can sign up for any faction.  This tandem commission is great for Tyranid enthusiasts, Marines loves, and Eldar players combined!  

We’ll be taking order for the next 6 weeks, up to October 1st.  At that point, or if we reach $2000 or more before then, we’ll start booking deposits.

We will contact each client individually to go over their individual commission and set up a 25% deposit on their order.   Bear in mind you still get the 25% off materials we always offer clients on  GW product, so the savings just keep on coming!

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To help keep the project on track, here are a few general guidelines.  

Electrum Level or Higher, please:  

Firstly, we prefer that clients sign up for Electrum level models or higher.  For Deathwatch Marines and Harlequins, there really is no such thing as a ‘Silver level model’.  These models require higher attention to detail than, say, their space marine and eldar breathren.  Likewise for the genestealers which are mostly hybrids and acolytes, they could benefit from a level of painting beyond tabletop quality.  

Electrum is like a Tabletop plus standard and only costs 50% more than silver.  So for example, a typical Death Watch Space Marine will be $27 each to assemble and paint, as will the Harlequins.  However, the cultists will only be $21 each.  Keep in mind this includes assembly, basing, and painting, and is pre-discount, so this could do down by $2-3 dollars per model once the discounts are applied. 

This also helps us to reach our volume goals much faster than if we allowed Silver level models.  Remember these are Elite troops and can benefit from the extra detail that Electrum level or above will entail.  

Cannon Color Schemes:

All Deathwatch/Harlequin/Genestealer models will be will be painted in a way similar to box art on the Death Masque/Deathwatch Overkill boxed sets.  Unfortunately this sort of project requires a singular color scheme to be effective.   


Basing will be Uniform and Compulsory:

We plan to base the project in our Classic Earth style, which is earthen ballast material/sand and green flock.  This is the most common basing method in use today and will appeal to the largest client base.  

We may add more restrictions as the project develops, so stay tuned and check back often:

This is our first attempt at a tandem commission, so we figure it will take a few tries to get it right.  Bear with us as we refine the business model.   I’ll post updates at the bottom of this posting as the project develops. 

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Just email us at [email protected].  Let us know  . .  . 

  • Which Faction you’d like to sign up for
  • Which models/units you’d like to commission
  • Which level you’d like those models painted to
  • And any relevant info you’d like to impart or contact info (phone number, paypal address to invoice, etc)

 Here’s a stock response you can cut and paste and modify to use when you message us.


HELLO.  My name is __________________ and I’d like to sign up for your Tandem Commission, Deathwatch vs. Xenos.

I am most interested in the ______________________ faction.  Here are the units I’d like to commission and the level I’d like each painted to:

10 Death Watch Marines, Electrum Level

1 Death Watch Captain, Gold Level

1 Death Watch Rhino, Electrum Level

When you are ready to start the project, contact me at (email here) or by phone here (###-####).  

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Final Thoughts:

 As with any large undertaking, this will take some finesse to organize but when it comes to fruition, the client pool will benefit as a group.  Put another way, be patient.  All will soon be revealed. 



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Genestealer Cult Conversions:

Since the range of genestealer cultist models is limited, we are also open minded to incorporate some conversions into the Cultists faction.  Here are some early ideas we had that can be modified or tailored to help get the creative juices flowing. 

  • Space Hulk Drop Pods:   Drop Pods will be modeled to resemble space hulk wreckage that has made planetfall, each bearing a brood of Tyranids.
  • Some Cultist Limo’s or APC (think Taurox or Taurox Prime). Maybe some messages/scripture on top of the vehicles like Lo’, the Great Devourers of Worlds is Come! Etc.)
  • Blessed Brood Mothers:  Daemonettes that count as hybrids. White Hair and pregnant, swollen abdomens.
  • Ogryn and Hive Guard mash up.  Because even Ogry can be hybrids. 
  • Objective Markers: Genestealer Hybrids tearing down an Imperial Flag (sort of a reverse of the classic American flag being hoisted)



Caleb Dillon

White Metal Games

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