Blood of the Phoenix: Is Drazhar the Baddest?

Hi Metalheads, 

Today we are taking a look at the deadliest Drukhari to have ever appeared in the Dark City: Drazhar!  With the recent release of Blood of the Phoenix, his model was given an amazing update along with his ruthless retinue of Incubi. Sadly, even with new models and updated rules, you probably won’t see these miniatures on the tabletop (unless you’re playing a casual game at your FLGS or at home).  Let’s change that and take a look at Drazhar the Living Sword’s rules and see just how good he can be.  

Looking at his stats, he has a similar statline as before with the exception of now having 6 Wounds.  This enhances his durability with a 2+ save, 5++ invulnerable save, and 6+ FNP from his Faction’s Power through Pain rule. 

A vital stat for his offensive capabilities is his base S4.  Combine it with a couple key special rules and he is a master of versatility.  With the Master of Blades rule and the Incubi Keyword, he benefits from +1 to Wound, hitting T4 enemies on 3+ or T8 Vehicles on 5+.  Paired with the Lethal Precision ability, any wound rolls of 6 double to 4 damage each, so either of his weapon options has potential to be devastating.  

His strength in addition to his single weapon bonus makes him capable of wounding tougher T4 opponents such as Space Marines on 2+ and T8 vehicles on 4+ when using his demiklaives as a single blade.  On the charge and using the single blade, the Living Sword would have 4A at S5, -3AP, D2 (D4 on 6’s to wound) and could double if he charges due to his Murderous Assault rule (allowing him to activate to fight an additional time when charging). If you chose to wield dual blades, he has a total of 12A, S4, -2, D2 (D4 on 6’s to wound) and with the clarity for the FAQ, he is able to attack twice when he charges before an enemy model is activated.

Drahzar is capable of doing everything from slaying hordes to hacking away at vehicles, but he also grants a useful boost to Incubi within 6” of him via Lethal Precision as mentioned above.  Having an escort unit of Incubi grants him a sturdy screen (3+save, 6+ FNP) nearby to prevent him taking unnecessary ranged attacks via his character keyword (when they arn’t embarked or locked in combat), but also supports his murder spree through weight of attacks and Lethal Precision.

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