Craftworld Tactics: Howling Banshees

Welcome back Metalheads,

Today we are thinking outside the box by taking a look inside a recently released one: the Blood of the Phoenix!  The thrill of 40k comes with the ever shifting meta of gameplay.  Though in the competitive world, Aeldari Flyer Spam is currently all the rage for the faction’s players, a sect of Aspect Warriors has the potential to nullify the mightiest of Space Marines tactics.

Space Marines come in various shapes and sizes, while their point costs compared to weapon loadouts causes them to be very efficient on top of durable with their new books.  Arguably the strongest Chapters to date have abilities that offer rerolls for shooting attacks, Overwatch bonuses, and all benefit additional attacks when charging. With an expanded range of Vanguard Primaris Marines that are able to be set up outside of 9” from enemy units, strong counter measures are needed to keep them in check.  

As infantry, Howling Banshees are able to glide across the battlefield due to their Acrobatic rule, moving through cover undeterred while advancing and charging in the same turn.  They are able to declare charges against targets within 15” when advancing and add 3” to their charge distance. This helps them maneuver into position and get within range to set up the charge in cover or out of line of sight (normally preventing Overwatch, but keep in mind they have Banshee Masks!).  On average dice they have a 21” charge threat range. The 3” bonus to charges even helps mitigate the Repulsor Field rule on all Marine hover tanks (Repulsors, Impulsors, Executioners). The Repulsor Field reduces charge rolls by 2, allowing Banshees to still have a +1 bonus to theirs. Utilize the Saim Hann Craftworld attribute to allow them to reroll failed charge rolls to ensure they get into melee and take advantage of their War Shout ability to make the enemy fight at  -1 to hit in melee.   

Banshees are best used against units to negate Overwatch and tie up ground units so supporting Aeldari can charge in behind to swing without suffering casualties before they make it into melee.  In this case, Jain Zar is the best option as an accompanying character. She has dangerous potential with 4 attacks at Str 6 and rerolling wounds, -3 AP, and D3 damage. She even grants an aura for Banshees within 6” to strike first, improving their roles as counter-assault specialists.  Even if enemy units survive to fall back to disengage, the opposing player has a serious threat that needs to be addressed or your girls will move on to harass soft targets while Jain follows close behind, trailing a path of severed limbs and viscera.

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If you like what you see and wish to bolster your Aeldari forces, Jain Zhar and the Banshees are available for purchase!