War Council Episode 33: Glues and Epoxies

War Council

War Council discusses Glues and Epoxies, and using the right glue for the right job.

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War Council™ is a presentation of White Metal Games™ and airs twice a month.  Unlike many gaming centered podcasts, our show focuses exclusively on HOBBY.  No mathhammer or GT/Meta game talk here.  We talk to industry professional about painting, sculpting, 3D printing and casting models, kit bashing, and more!  Caleb Dillon is the Owner of White Metal Games and Phillip Kohrman is the owner of Brushwork Minis.

We are full time miniature painters, making a living doing what we love, and we invite you to join us for a chat about miniatures!

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Episode 33 is Here

In this episode White Metal Games resident painter Valentin Melik, formerly of Liber Daemonica (St. Petersburg, Russia), joins Caleb for a chat bout Glues and Epoxies.  We commonly get the question about what type of glue to use on resin, on plastic, on pewter, and and like.  So we lay it all out and talk about what sort of glues have worked well for us on everything from terrain to models.  We also explain some common misconceptions about pva glue, gluing resin, the best glues for basing materials, and much more.  It’s a jam packed episode!

In addition we chat about the new LED Service Page, the Rebasing Service to help get those old Warhammer models Age of Sigmar ready!  We also discuss our new Radio Silence Special, newer competitive rates for board games, and plans to attend the NOVA Gaming Convention in early September.

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Caleb Dillon, White Metal Games