Episode 31: On Criticism and Speed vs. Quality

Episode 31 Podcast: On Criticism and Speed vs. Quality

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July 8, 2016

Primary Theme / Subject

On Criticism and Speed vs. Quality
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The imminent move to Studio B.

GOT OUR FIRST REVIEW! The importance of reviews on growth; over 700 downloads from the website in June, up from 450 the month before!

Charity Raffle Army for victims in Orlando shooting, update! PAINT OVER HATE, in conjunction with the Nova Open Foundation (possibly) and Titan Terrain Studio.

Upcoming projects . . . include Vampire Counts and Viorla Sept Tau, Tau in Green and White, Shadows, PLUS Pre-Heresy Inquisition part 2 in August.

On the Painting Desk


MORE Helios Guard, more Stormcast. Belakor DONE! Plus the World Eaters Project, GORKA MORKA SKIFF and 2 sets of Silver Tower continues!

Valentin returns. Johnathan’s first commission. Dennis working on Zombicide.

For Phillip, Shadows of Brimstone and Darksword Miniatures Female Archer.

ROTATING Segment: On Criticism
Let’s talk about Criticism and it’s impact on your business:

  • Do you seek out criticism? (every Update we provide to clients, we ask for feedback and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism)
  • Is the person or people criticizing your work really the people that you need to be asking?
  • Are you good at taking criticism?
  • How can you tell the difference between a negative comment and an insightful one?
  • Are you satisfied with where you are at as a painter? Can ‘shaming’ have a good impact on your painting life.
Tips on Technique
SPEED PAINTING/BATCH PAINTING TIPS: Quantity vs Quality (Good, safe, cheap, fast; you get 2) Defining ‘Tabletop’ in terms of detail level; Get the model ON the table and then add details later. Refine your process for getting work done faster and more efficiently Economics of painting; how to make the most of your time Limit your color palette to simplify choices Tips from the PROS on how we do it. Painting multiple models at once, grouping models by color, etc.
1 Minute Rant or Gush
Phillip gushes over the new Sylvaneth, Johnathan’s take on DeathStorm, and Caleb beams over Sorastros Patreon Channel.
Next time on the Podcast we speak with WARGASM about their Fauxpocalypse Event. Who will be our next guest? Help us decide! Email us requests at [email protected]