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Warcouncil interviews the Great JoJo Man of Enter the Wolftime!

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War Council™ is a presentation of White Metal Games™ and airs twice a month.  Unlike many gaming centered podcasts, our show focuses exclusively on HOBBY.  No mathhammer or GT/Meta game talk here.  We talk to industry professional about painting, sculpting, 3D printing and casting models, kit bashing, and more!  Caleb Dillon is the Owner of White Metal Games and Phillip Kohrman is the owner of Brushwork Minis.

We are full time miniature painters, making a living doing what we love, and we invite you to join us for a chat about miniatures!

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Enter the Wolftime


Episode 30 is Here

In this episode Phillip and I chat with the Great JoJo Man of Enter the Wolftime.  When times are tight, smart artists don’t buy what they can make and GreatJoJo Man proves this on a weekly basis!  His work on Orks, Dark Mechanicus, not to mention more obscure factions like Enslavers is really an inspiration to amateur sculptors like myself.  If I’m the King of Kit Bash (TM) then this guy is the God of Green Stuff!

GreatJoJo man is also a commission artist and encourages you to reach out to him via his Facebook page if you are interested in hiring him to make a ‘custom gribbly’ as he calls it.  In other news we talk about expanding our operations to a 2nd studio, the early success of the Referral Painting Program, plus a Charity Raffle army for the victims of the Orlando shooting, and finally customer service; where did it go?  Say what you will about GW, they give great customer service!

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Caleb Dillon, White Metal Games