Episode 19: Christmas Special & 2015 in Review!

Episode 19 Podcast: Christmas Special & 2015 in Review!

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Running time: 1:23:16

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December 4, 2015

Primary Theme / Subject

Christmas Special & 2015 in Review!
Segment Name / Time Stamp Description
WMG webpage redesign update! Assembly page and Conversion page up and running!
Airbrush woes, and Caleb’s painting area gets an overhaul for Christmas!
On the Painting Desk
Horus Heresy Sons of Horus done! Space Hulk Set done, Blood Ravens continues, and some Star Wars Imperial Assault thrown in!
Helios Guard, new commission and major paint stripping (part of our refurbishment service)
Brotherhood of Ultramar nearly complete!
News / Rumors
Freeblade Tie in Transfer sheet
Glacer King for Hordes Trollbloods
New Chaos Knights for Age of Sigmar
Nuts Planet 32mm Trigger Series
Tips on Technique
2015 in Review, Highlights from the year, plus what’s on the horizon for both Brushwork Minis and White Metal Games.

Snow/Ice Basing suggestions Snow basing tips from FTW.
Wet Snow vs. Dry Snow vs Dirty Snow.
Different ways to make Icicles

Tutorial of the Week
ICE TUTORIAL by MiniGirl (powder and liquid)
Ice Bases tutorial using Crackle Medium-Rock Candy (further reference available on Massive Voodoo)
Product Review
Winter Effects Diorma Kit which is killer deal compared to a Fenris Basing kit by GW.
1 Minute ‘All I Want for Christmas’ Rants
Caleb wants Dry paints that aren’t glop
Phillip wants GW Haters to stop hating!
Thanks to listeners and thanks for all clients in 2015 for making it our best year ever, and we will return in 2016!!!