Episode 18: Tanksgiving

Episode 18 Podcast: Tanksgiving

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Running time: 1:23:16

First Aired (release date)

November 20, 2015

Primary Theme / Subject

Segment Name / Time Stamp Description
Carloz returns and joins our regular hosting cast.
Tanksgiving overview.
On the Painting Desk
Bronze level Tau done, Wood Elf Glade Guard done, Blood Ravens back on track. RPG figures done, plus Brotherhood continues! Carloz paints a Space Wolf tank for his Facebook friends.
News / Rumors
Archaon, new fig!!! Plus Tzeentch whispers.
Return of GW Specialist games . . . ?
Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter, discuss KS projects for already established companies like Hawk Wargames.
GF9 releases Demigorgon and we discuss RPG clients vs. Wargames clients
Holiday bundles are incoming, plus new bigger GW Paint Wash Pots!!! Nids on the Horizon!
Tips on Technique
Weathering techniques (sponge technique, hairspray chipping)
Battle Damage (melta damage, plasma dmg, etc)
Camo techniques
Heated Metal Effects, esp. on gun barrels
Grime/Gritty Tread effects, check out Liquitex Effects Mediums!
Decals and tips on using them
Tutorial of the Week
Tau Tank camo pattern by Buy Painted
Cadian Camo by Warhammer TV
Oil Paint Rendering by Michael Rinaldi
Product Review
Solvaset for Decals
LA’s Totally Awesome for stripping models
1 Minute Rant
VMA Gold and Brass, WTFFF!!
Airbrushing white paint woes, and online swindlers!
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