Episode 17: Artists We Admire

Episode 17 Podcast: Artists We Admire

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Running time: 1:17:12

First Aired (release date)

November 10, 2015

Primary Theme / Subject

Artists We Admire
Segment Name / Time Stamp Description
WMG webpage redesign update! New painting page live!!
Welcome to new casting personality Carloz!
Reminder to listeners about our ‘podcast page’ with show notes.
On the Painting Desk
Fungus nids Wave 2 DONE! Wood elves underway, and Termagant Conversions! Plus Ebonwrath! Plus Tau army crammed in!!!
RPG figures and more Brotherhood of Ultramar incoming!
News / Rumors
Tau Campaign Book and NEW Codex.
Tyranid Rumors: New models, plus new Gargantuan . . . could it be a Dominatrix?
Horus Heresy . . . who gives a shit!
Tips on Technique
Our Favorite Artists:
Caleb’s 3:
Carloz’s 3:
Phillip’s 3:
Discussion and Follow Up:
  • What separates a Good Painter from a Great Painter
  • Commission Artist vs Miniature Artist
Tutorial of the Week
Bohun Arts step by step: Lamenters PDF Tutorial
Karol Rudyk; Freehand Banner Presentation
Wappelious Marble and Tile Base
Product Recommendations
Painting Pyramid by James Wappel
1 Minute Rant
Caleb: Bones!!! Fucking Reaper Bones!
Carloz: Hobby Exclusive Hobbyists
Phillip: Gives Liquid Mask another try . . . alas
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