Episode 3: Wargaming Survey

Episode 3 Podcast

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Running time: 1:52:22

Primary Theme / Subject

Wargaming Survey (discussion and analysis)
Segment Name / Time Stamp Description
Seize the Initiative
Opening of the Show, introductions, General overview of the day’s commentary
Sit Rep
Deathwatch RPG (Justin) and Space Marine video game (Caleb)
Look Out Sirs!
New Products and upcoming releases: Lizardmen
Meat Grinder
Discuss the academic study that has been posted on BoLS concerning 40K gamers.
Links –
Part I: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2013/06/academic-study-of-tabletop-wargamers.html
Part II: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2013/06/academic-study-of-tabletop-wargamers_26.html
Part 3: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2013/07/academic-study-of-tabletop-wargamers.html
Part 4: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2013/07/academic-study-of-tabletop-wargamers_14.htmlLinks to Social Dominance book mentioned in part IV: http://www.amazon.com/Social-Dominance-Intergroup-Hierarchy-Oppression/dp/0521805406
Rules of Engagement / Pop Quiz
Splitting off in vehicles: A squad in a transport has a character joined to it. What rules govern this squad, i.e., can the squad get out but the character stay onboard the vehicle? Later, can the vehicle just drive away? Does a designated transport HAVE to stay in unit coherency? DT’s are basically just units that aren’t on the force org chart.
Precise Shot
Dark Materials Miniatures, Fraser Hepburn
Cheapest mini painter on the planet possibly, as he rebuilds his portfolio (but UK based) http://darkmaterialsminiatures.blogspot.com/
Space Marine Codex, rumors, hopes and dreams, comparison
Bitz Box
Tau army almost done, Eldar bike squadron next! More Dark Angels for Justin (will it ever be enough ?????)
Leftovers, final notes, final thoughts.