White Metal Games launches War Council . . . a 40k podcast from two definately non-competitive players

Greetings fellow wargamers!

Well, we did it.  We jumped on board the podcasting band wagon.  You can find our first three podcasts here

Every podcast has their thing.  Some are more narrative driven, some are more tournament play driven or competitive in nature. 

I like to think of our podcast as a dialogue between two wargamers who are keenly interested in wargaming culture, trends, balanced play, rumors, and getting a better grasp on the rules. 

We don’t spend a lot of time focused on game mechanics or strategy, we spend much more time focused on the passion of wargaming, what drives us to pursue it, understanding the wargaming mentality, and the like.  It’s the perfect engine for me to talk about recent commission, kit bashes, upcoming releases, and its the perfect venue for Justin to combine his academic vernacular with his unabashedly encyclopedic knowledge of the 40k Fluffiverse.

So if you’re a wargamer like us, a beer and pretzels style gamer that just likes to have fun, this might be the podcast for you.  We share some similarities to the Screaming Heretic Podcast, another podcast that is just a bunch of good friends have a few laughs. 

All of the podcasts are uploaded on our website but we will also be uploading them to itunes soon.   

While your on the site, be sure to peruse our gallery of almost 10,000 images of custom kit bashed miniatures, painted samples, full armies, terrain, and more!

You can also check us out on facebook and follow our updates, respond to queries we post on the show, etc.  

So . . . have a listen, take us for a spin, comment on the facebook page and let us know what you think, and until then .. .


Caleb, WMG