Episode 15: Adding Depth to your Miniatures

Episode 15 Podcast: Adding Depth to your Miniatures

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Running time: 56:09

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October 15, 2015

Primary Theme / Subject

Adding Depth to your Miniatures
Segment Name / Time Stamp Description
WMG webpage redesign is in progress: Update!

Third class at Event Horizon Games: How it went

On the Painting Desk
Fungus nids Wave 2 status . . .
Wood Elf Diorama continues
RPG figures
Phillips personal Ultramarines and Gutrot Spume
More Brotherhood of Ultramar incoming!
News / Rumors
Stormsurge and Ghost Keel for Tau
New Infinity Releases: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2015/10/infinity-analysis-of-july-releases.html
Tips on Technique
Shadows!!! Work color into your shadows for more variety.

Highlights 101 (Zenithal, Greyscale, Edging/Line Highlights)

Washes 101 (Guidecoats, Washing, Lining-brownling, blacklining, etc)

Wash Recipes:
Lester Burley Wash Recipe
Lester Burley Weathering Washes
Lester Burley Water Color Washes
Magic Wash (floor wax washes). Floor Wax is effectively acrylic binder, like a thin enamel.
Schnauzer Face Minis Oil Washes

Tips to Avoiding Wash or Coffee Rings/Tide Marks:
As paint dries, the edges of a painted area dry first. As they dry, they pull paint from the center of the little puddle applied.

Because the edges keep pulling paint from the center as they dry, more and more pigment draws to the edges, where it dries. This leaves a ring of paint, where the edges are darker than the center of the area where we applied paint.

We can avoid rings in the following ways:

  • Apply less Paint to the Brush: The shallower the puddle of paint, the less there is to draw to the edges as it dries.
  • Use a Wash Mixture which varies very little from the previous wash: This way, if a ring forms, its color is close enough to the previous color that the ring is much les noticable.
  • Apply Diluted Paint: With less pigment in the paint puddle, less can accumulate at the edges to form a ring.
  • Use a thinner to release surface tension.

Once you have mastered the process of wet blending, you will be ready for advanced techniques like Non Metalic Metal (NMM), which you won’t be able to master without it.

Tutorial of the Week
Trollblood Mountain King by Schnauzer Face Minis: Watch on YouTube
Product Review
Soft Pastels (to be ground down to pigments)
Maxam Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle
1 Minute Rant
‘Dreamer’ clients with high hopes and no budget to support it.
Sign offs, farewells, final reminders, etc.