A recent review from a long term client


To whom it may concern,

I’ve worked with Caleb Dillon of White Metal Games from 2014 – 2015 on a variety of historical and fantasy projects with wonderful results.

For historical miniatures, I commissioned him to paint 17th century Russian Cossacks, over 300 Aztec warriors, and a Bolt Action Japanese force. For fantasy miniatures he converted two Lord of the Rings Mumaks for use in Kings of War, converted a large number of custom female centaurs, and created a playable montage of nymphs and dryads for Kings of War. Finally, he painted about 200 models for me from the Eureka Miniatures “Frog Wars” line of models.

In my recommendation of Caleb, I would like to point out three aspects of his service which garnered my consistent and repeat business over the past two years.

  1. Communication: Without fail, Caleb provided a weekly check-in with photos to show the status of the models. It gave me a clear understanding of how the various projects were proceeding and allowed ample time to make changes if desired. Moreover, he consistently asked questions to ensure I was happy with how the project with the progress. In projects where he had more room for creativity, he used this opportunity to provide me with an outline of his thoughts and visions which was immensely useful.
  1. Conversion Work: All studios are expected to paint well, but not all are great converters. Caleb really did a wonderful job with the conversions. He took my initial ideas and went wild. For instance, I asked Caleb to convert two Mumaks into a traveling Goblin caravan, and he made the tops of the Mumaks into full working cities. For a dryad/nymph project, he made it a seamless transition to make it appear as if dryads were emerging from the trees. I was very happy with his work in this capacity.
  1. Timeliness: Caleb has shown immense discipline in delivering the models on time. For 2015 we created a monthly project calendar and an associated budget. For every project he delivered the models earlier than projected without neglecting any details.

Overall, I have been immensely pleased with my collaboration with Caleb Dillon of White Metal Games and highly recommend his work.