Episode 36: Interview with Tyler Mengel – Mengel Miniatures

Episode 36 Podcast: Interview with Tyler Mengel – Mengel Miniatures

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Running time: 1:18:54

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September 29, 2016

Primary Theme / Subject

Interview with Tyler Mengel – Mengel Miniatures
Segment Name / Time Stamp Description
TB NAMED Charity Raffle Army for National Center for Victims of Crime update! In conjunction with the Nova Open Foundation and Titan Terrain Studio.

Tandem Deathwatch Commission extended to November 1st and, now with Genestealer Cult out, is more inclusive that ever!

On the Painting Desk


Finishing up Cygnar, Skarbrand, and Legion Starter, plus Chaos Knights. Just starting Chaos Dwarves and yet more Tau.

Phillip and Val working on Krieg and Seraphon, plus the month of custom characters and inquisitors!

Johnathan gets his new airbrush and begins on Shadows of Brimstone!

Service Spotlight
KIT BASHING and Conversion, in particular, Concept Armies like Legacy of Kain project.
Tips on Technique
Interview with Tyler Mengel of Mengel Miniatures and we discuss competition painting and how we got to where he is today. We also chat about his local FLGS and his active gaming life.
1 Minute Rant or Gush
THE SEARCH FOR A GOOD PLINTH! Our favorite vendors currently include Dragonforge Designs, Secret Weapon Miniatures, Model Display Products, Competition Minis, and CK’s Wood
Next time on the Podcast will be our Halloween Episode! DON’T FEAR THE REAPER! We’ll talk with Reaper Bryan about Reaper Miniatures and discuss painting blood and gore, and ethereal ‘ghosts’.

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