Episode 35: Back from Nova Open, plus interview with Jessica Rich the Brush Mistress, and interview with Dave Taylor of CMON

Episode 35 Podcast: Back from Nova Open, plus interview with Jessica Rich the Brush Mistress, and interview with Dave Taylor of CMON

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Running time: 2:35:38 (including interviews)

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September 20, 2016

Primary Theme / Subject

Back from Nova Open, plus interview with Jessica Rich the Brush Mistress, and interview with Dave Taylor of CMON
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Podcast Listeners can get 3% off labor on new commissions just by leaving us a review on iTunes!

Caleb asks that non-conversion clients tell him ‘why’ they decided to go another way so we can continue to revise the quote system at WMG. Email us.

On the Painting Desk


Caleb finished up the Tau in Green/White. Plus Guardians of the Covenant with the guys help!

Week of giants including Woldwrath in Red, Looted Arachanarok, Tau’nar Supremacy armor in Devastator theme, and MORE Reaper Demons!

Now working on Cygnar, Legion of Everblight, Skarbrand, Chaos Knights, 2nd Tau’nar suit, Forgeworld Chaos Dwarves and Marauders in Viking theme.

Dennis finishes Silver Tower.

Painted black/red Marines in 6 days! Now moving on to two custom projects, Krieg and Seraphon. Display boards incoming! WIP pics.

Service Spotlight
Updates to our Painting Page, including lower prices on Character, Board Games, and new Platinum Level pricing!
Tips on Technique
BACK FROM NOVA! Our review, was it worth it to go, and will we return?

Meeting clients in person and how their armies placed at the event. One army we painted placed third in painting.

Favorite purchases at the event and all the new products out there.

Coolest game tables and displays at the event.

Glowpocalypse and results of our ‘models for rent’ survey. (LINK TO NEW SURVEY FORTHCOMING)

Val’s bust wins BRONZE at the paint event!

Interviews with various players at the event (played throughout the show in general)

Help us pick a CHARITY ARMY THEME for the Raffle army to support the National Center for Victims of Crime. VOTING TIL OCTOBER 1ST.

1 Minute Rant or Gush
Caleb gushes on UNSTABLE, the board game.
Next time on the Podcast will be Interview with Tyler of Mengel Miniatures.

Who will be our next guest? Help us decide! Email us requests at info[email protected]

BONUS CONTENT! (over 50 minutes of interviews) INTERVIEWS FROM NOVA including artists, vendors, and staff from the event!
1:21:10 Interview with CJ Kender on photographing miniatures.
1:30:58 Interview with Jessica Rich, the Brush Mistress.
1:51:22 Interview with Dave Taylor of Dave Taylor miniatures, talking about Wrath of Kings and Dark Age from CMON.
2:04:52 Interview with MiniDuels, (MDF terrain, trays, and templates!)
2:07:46 Interview with Modcube (really inventive game aid, fully customizable to your army/faction)
2:10:10 Interview regarding Unstable the Game, a new board game coming to KS soon.
2:18:25 Interview with Tectonic Craft Studios (custom movement trays and MDF Terrain, and more)
2:22:13 Interview with Broken Egg Games (incredible game trays, hand stained, plus 2D terrain, premium gaming aids)
2:26:19 Interview with Muse on Minis (2D terrain, templates, tokens, and more).
2:29:28 Interview with Fallout Hobbies (stencils, decals, and LEDS).