Episode 29: Interview with ARMY PAINTER, Take 2 . . .

Episode 29 Podcast: Interview with ARMY PAINTER, Take 2 . . .

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Running time: 1:14:46

First Aired (release date)

June 2, 2016

Primary Theme / Subject

Interview with ARMY PAINTER, Take 2 . . .
Segment Name / Time Stamp Description
Pricing Mishap: Price for Self or Price for Competitors . . . . the eBay conundrum.

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Changes for WMG; a bit about Studio B and its intended use.

On the Painting Desk
Manhunter, RPG Druid, plus Stormcast Eternals, Hierotitan, World Eaters Marines, and a Nemesis Dreadknight forthcoming, plus Goff Orks Dreadmob and Chaos Knight in the Works.

Passive Clients vs Active Clients, and how to balance these out. Plus Stormsurges with Missile arms, and Silver Tower Surprise commission from Event Horizon Games.

Plus Valentin finishes Tau Army!

For Phillip, Stormcast Eternals Vikings DONE! Valhalla Terrain project ALMOST done.

Service Spotlight: Basing
BASING PAGE up and live!

Chat about the new GW bases, a game changer!

Tips on Technique
Interview with Bo of The Army Painter.

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1 Minute Rant or Gush
Gush on Silver Tower Assembly.

Gush on new GW Basing!

Next time on War Council, interview with GreatJoJoMan, a/k/a, Enter the Wolftime!