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Beginning in 2013, Warcouncil was a bi-monthly hobby centered podcast for miniature enthusiasts.  It  covered a wide range of topics including exclusive insight into White Metal Games, painting and hobby tips, convention coverage, special guests such as authors, game designers, and much more! 

Warcouncil is no longer in active production, but you can still enjoy 51 episodes of the show.

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War Council™ is a presentation of White Metal Games™.

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War Council Podcast #49 – Guard Duty & Fallout Hobbies

Episode 49 Podcast: Guard Duty & Fallout Hobbies

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Running time: 1:09:56

Intro00:00:00The Intro Montage
Skit: Guard Duty00:01:39Steve and Frank, coming on their guard detail in the morning, discuss guard duty.
What’s new at White Metal Games00:06:27Sisters of Battle
Ogor Battletome
Necromunda Dark Uprising
New Tutorials
3 Minutes of Joy
New Rentals
What’s in the Pipe?00:20:48Preston’s Medals
Paul Winters’ Medals
Brian Rees’ Battle Sister Cathedral
Ryan’s Deathwatch Tutorials
Preston’s Urban Camo Tutorials
Interview00:29:08We ask questions of Ron & Jules at Fallout Hobbies.
Skit: Lunch Hour on Arr’Rokk00:56:45Gog an Rakk’da’Wrench have a talk.
Hunter Lore00:59:12Our hosts talk with Hunter regarding Ogors.
Service Segment01:05:32Service segment for the Podcast
Shoutouts01:07:06Mohawk Miniatures, Happy 12’th birthday to Army Painter,
Outro:01:09:03Outro: Coming next week, we’ve an interview with


Opening Montage:
The Fifth Element – Zorg and the Mercenaries
Rob Zombie – Superbeast
Starship Troopers – “We! Get! You! Sir!”
Highlander – The Kurgen in Church
Mass Effect 3 – The Cerberus Plot
Amilcare Ponchielli – Dance of the Hours
John Mulaney – The Salt & Pepper Diner
Leo Moracchioli – What’s New, Pussycat
DJtheFishhead – Subwoofer in the Underground (SM Underground Dubstep Remix)
Pogo – Bigger Blue (Spirited Away Remix)
Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks – Audrey’s Dance
Paddy Kingsland – Big Bad Giant
Mass Effect 2 – New Worlds
Hudson Leick – Callisto Screaming
Tears for Fears – SHOUT
Mass Effect – Uncharted Worlds


Music Used in Podcasts

“Five Armies”, “Protofunk”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Exigence by Aaron Spencer
Licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International