War Council Episode 4 is Live, Now we’re Swinging!

Four episodes in and War Council is finally finding it’s rhythm.

Greetings Fellow Wargamers!  Caleb with  White Metal Games here.

War Council is a joint venture between myself and a buddy of mine, Justin Jones.

After having listened to plenty of podcasts about 40k, we wondered aloud to each other ‘Do we have anything to add to the ongoing dialogue?’

It turns out we do indeed!  There are plenty of topics out there to discuss.  And while many of them are trending topics, like on our most recent topic of the incoming Space Marine codex, most of our topics are from the vantage point of two blue collar gamers, gaming on a limited budget with limited time.

Sound familiar?

Hell, some weeks its a challenge just to find an hour or two to do the actual podcast!  But we are encouraged by the many positive comments we’ve already received.

We’ll be adding War Council to itunes in the near future.  Stay tuned for future updates, and until then . . .


Caleb, White Metal Games