Primarch In A Can for $20 buck!!!

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  Three Little Words . .  . Not a Conversion

Greeting fellow wargamers, Caleb with White Metal Games here.  We specialize in creating custom miniatures for your wargames . . . at least, we did, until Murderfrost came along.

I stumbled across this site a few months back and I thought it was high time I share my findings with the world.  First off, stop drooling.  Here’s the link!    Best part of all, $20 bucks each!  Woot, woot!

The site that makes these guys, Murderfrost, is a wargaming site that specializes in custom made plastic terrain and apparently a few models.  They have some amazing terrain pieces, as well as some cool cannons and other bits of battlefield wargear.  Check out their full range.  Dirt cheap prices!!!

The range is called Dark Solemnity, which I suppose points to the fact that the primarchs were a serious bunch of guys.

There are currently four figures in this range.  The first, featured at the top of the page, is called Lord Blind Portend.  Note the red hair, signature weapon, crown and armor . . . remind you of anyone?

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Moving on, next we have Lord Lionsbane . . okay, a bit more specific, more on point.  If you swapped the pistol, I could actually see using this guy in just some regular fantasy games or RPG’s.  Digging that armor.

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Next we have my personal favorite .  . . Lord Killfrenzy.  I just like the name.  Who can blame me!  The dual axes really give this guy away, and that pleated battle skirt/kilt/whatever.  Remind you of any other figures out there?

Last put not least, we have Lord Tenacity.  Um . . . wow, that’s amazing, actually.

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Some of the Murderfrost products are being used on our custom made Chaos Thunderhawk/Silver Tower of Tzeentch model, still very much a WIP.  Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel to see the model in action, or follow us on facebook.

These are based on 40mm bases and made of resin.

In the mean time, show us some of your own custom built primarchs and  . . .


Caleb, White Metal Games