So you want to be a Warcouncil Podcast guest?

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s likely that you have either already agreed to be a guest on War Council, or you’re considering reaching out to us to be a guest on the show.

In the former case, thank you!  In the later case, PLEASE DO!  All questions and comments may be sent to [email protected]. If you provide a hobby service, email us to tell us about it and we’d probably love to have you on the show!

War Council is a hobby centered podcast for miniature enthusiasts.  War Council™ is a presentation of White Metal Games™.

You can listen to all our most recent episodes, here, and even  download us on Itunes!  You can also hear us on Podbean, Google Podcasts and Spotify.  You can even like us on Facebook.  

In regards to the show, here’s a few commons questions we get.

When do you record?  
The night of the week varies, but is usually Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Of those days, we can record with you most normal business hours between 9 AM to 5 PM EST.  (0900 to 1700 for those of you that use military.)  However, if we can’t make that time work, we can be flexible on our end to some degree.  Ask us.  And we can come to some arrangement convenient to everyone.

Will I get the questions in advance?  
Yes.  We’ll provide a list of questions and we’ll give them to you several weeks in advance to think about beforehand.  But don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to expand on ideas and concepts during the show.
Can I talk about my business, and any specials I’m running?  
Please do!  We’d like you to do exactly that if you like.  It’s also a great opportunity to promote any products you might have that you’d like to mention or just to plug your business in general.
How does it work?  Do you call me or do I call you or . . . .
For the sake of podcasting our MO is generally to call you on Skype and then record your voice on our end.

Will I need any special equipment?  
The only things you’ll need is a computer with an active Skype account and a Microphone.

You can download Skype for free here.  Once on Skype, you’ll need to locate us.  There’s a few ways to do that. First, find the search box on the left side of the page:

Skype search

Now search for us in the one of the following ways (we’ll be adding a Skype Button to our website in the near future, but for now)

Username:  calebfilm (my profile picture is a burly white guy with glasses and a yellow bandanna, with a big smile on his face)

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  919-295-5703 (feel free to call or text if you can’t find us on Skype and we’ll figure it out together!)

skype contact

Once you’ve found us you’ll want to add us to your contact list.  This is sort of like sending a friend request on Facebook.  Then we just confirm the request and we’re on each others contacts list!

skype friend

Then connecting on skype is as easy and clicking either ‘call’ or ‘video call’ button.  And just like that we’re talking!

skype call

If for some reason you can’t download Skype, like you don’t have a PC, we can schedule a Google Hangout instead, so long as you have access to a computer.

Now, as far as a microphone goes . . .
A Microphone is a Must!  Now I know what you’re thinking.  “But Caleb, my computer has a built in Microphone already!

Well, that’s true.  But the microphone in your laptop is omni-directional, meaning it picks up all the sound in the room a little, but nothing very well.  If someone drops a glass in the next room, it will pick that up.  If someone crinkles up a piece of paper, it’ll pick that up.  And to make matters worse, your voice comes through very faintly.

For War Council Podcasts, we run your voice through a soundboard, that in turn runs into a sound mixer.  To get crisp, clean audio, we need to ensure the audio you and sending our way is loud and clear.  Fortunately, in this modern day and age you can pick up a microphone on Amazon for less than $30 generally and sometimes even less than $20!  (You’ll want to steer clear of headset microphones as it picks up every little sound and creak the headphones make as you move around.  Great for online gaming.  Not so much for actual recording you and making you sound good.)

Your computer very likely has an audio jack, or ‘line in’, usually right next to where you plug in your headphones.  This is where you’ll plug  in your microphone a 3.5mm audio male connector, just like this one!  It’s small and inconspicuous, has it’s own stand and even comes in a variety of colors!  Perfect!  (At the time of this post, it’s sell for about $14 bucks)

3.5mm Podcast Mic


If for some reason you prefer a USB connection, here’s a microphone that plugs directly into a USB Port (although you’ll likely need to install a few drivers when you plug it up for the first time).  At the time of this post, it’s sell for just $23 bucks!

USB Podcast Mic

Can I advertise on your show?    
You sure can!  We are also actively looking for sponsors and have several exciting sponsorship opportunities available!  Rates are quite low and below you’ll find our current Advertising Rate plan rates for your convenience.
What does Sponsorship get me?
Presently our plans for the podcast include up to two rotating slots for audio ads whose length is determined by the level of sponsorship you back on our Podbean Patron page. Here’s the levels you’ll find there:
Ironbjorn ($5.00 a month)
A one time 15-30 second spot for your personal use, pre-recorded by our host Edward WinterRose.  This does not actually appear in the podcast.
Copper Toppers ($15.00 a month)
A 15 second rotating audio spot that will air on the podcast that can be updated every 6 months if requested.
Corrugated Steelers ($25.00 a month)
A 30 second rotating audio spot that will air on the podcast that can be updated every 4 months if requested.


Mercury Risers ($50.00 a month)

A 60 second rotating audio spot that will air on the podcast that can be updated every 3 months if requested.

Nickel Knackers ($75.00 a month)
A 30 second rotating audio spot that will air on the podcast that can be updated every 2 months if requested.  You’ll also be invited to do a one-time pre-recorded 5 minute segment to air in an episode of the podcast as well.

White Metallurgists ($100.00 a month)
A 60 second rotating audio spot that will air on the podcast that can be updated every 2 months if requested.  You’ll also be invited to do a one-time pre-recorded 10 minute segment to air in an episode of the podcast as well.


Now as far as pre-recorded segments go, you can of course write your own and send us the copy, or we can work with you to come up with the copy you’d like read as far as specifics or talking points you’d like to have our listeners hear. 

When it comes to submitting your copy for us to record, you will of course want to use your best judgement.  We can have a conversation about anything deemed inappropriate for broadcast.  That said, we don’t anticipate that ever having to happen…  but it’s best mentioned, just in case.  Those terms and conditions can also be found on our Podbean Patron page.

Thanks again for agreeing to be a guest on our show and until next time . . .  stay safe, and roll crits.


If interested in being a guest on the show, please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss a few details!
All questions and comments may be sent to [email protected].
Thank you for considering being a guest on our podcast and best regards,
Caleb Dillon
Host, War Coucil

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