Win a Free Fujifilm Digital Camera to photograph your miniatures! Get up close and personal!

Greetings fellow wargamers!

In the spirit of sharing the wealth, we are giving away a free digital camera!  

When we first decided to throw out lot in with the rink of other miniature painting studios, the first thing we knew we needed was a digital camera.  We had a budget of less than $100 bucks, so it took some hunting but we eventually settled on the Fujifilm Finepix 2800, which had the best macro lens we could find for our budget.

We’ve used this camera for the past few years and had some great times together.  Here are some pictures from our most recent outings!  And more can be found right here! 

But as life happens, we grew apart.  We wanted different things.  Namely, we wanted a newer sleeker camera with a longer lens . . . and the Fujifilm just didn’t want to change with us.

We quite literally traded up for the newer, younger version, much like Hugh Hefner.  But unlike Hef, we can only manage one camera at a time. 

The details of the contest can be found on our Youtube channel, here.  But the details are simple:

– Subscribe to us on youtube

-In the comments section, list a good reason you think you deserve the camera

We reserve the right to disqualify you based on your reason (IE, if you want to add it to you collection of cameras, or you want to make a quick buck on ebay).  We want this camera to go to someone with an interest in photography, preferably with an interest in miniatures, and tht NEEDS a camera.  

 On or after July 27th, the winner will be announced on our channel!  You have until then to enter the contest!

One lucky winner (randomly drawn from the applicants) will get the camera and all the fixin’s for FREE, shipped anywhere in the world, also for free!

And once you do win this camera, you will have no excuse not to . . .  you guessed it . . .


My name is Caleb and I am the owner of White Metal Games, a miniature painting and assembly studio operating out of Raleigh, NC.  Be sure to check us out here!