War Council Episode 8 . . Cosplay and the Screaming Heretics!

War Council Episode 8 is here!

Greetings fellow Wargamers!  Caleb with White Metal Games here.

In this episode we speak with The Jen and Joe from Screaming Heretic about cosplay!  The Jen is an avid cosplayer and she speaks candidly about her cosplay experiences, everything from how she comes up with her amazing costumes, to some of the antics they get into at conventions, as well as how to politely tell someone to take their hand off your costumed ass.

If you want to know more about Screaming Heretic be sure to visit their website: 

Or visit them on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/screamingheretic

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War Council is a new podcast about 40k and things wargaming related.  Justin was a one time client of Caleb’s that stuck around long enough for Caleb to ask him to do a podcast with him.  Episodes revolve more around the hobby and fluff aspect of wargaming, and part of each episode follows the progress of White Metal Games as it tries to make a place for itself in a sea of miniature painting services.

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