War Council Episode 7: Interview with a 3D Custom Model Company, Proxy Army

War Council Episode 7 is here!

Greetings fellow Wargamers!  Caleb with White Metal Games here.

In this episode we speak with Tristan Morris and Allen Clark of Proxy Army.  Proxy Army is a new venture aiming to create custom minis for all wargaming systems using 3D technology to help gamers design custom minis any way they like!  That’s right, you make the mini, you make the choices.  

Proxy Army

If you want to know more about Proxy Army be sure to visit their website: 

Or visit them on facebook: http://facebook.com/ProxyArmy

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  This recording is lower quality than our normal podcasts due to tech issues.  Sadly, we did not speak nicely to the machine gods . .  BUT FEAR NOT!  You can also watch the interview in a series of three videos on our youtube page!

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