War Council Episode 6 is here: What Would You Do Differently

War Council Episode 6 is here!

Greetings fellow Wargamers!  Caleb with White Metal Games here.

In this episode we ask the question ‘What Would You Do Differently?’.  If you were to redesign the 40k system, what are a few of the changes you would make and why.

Our special guest for this episode is Thomas Reidy, AKA Goatboy from Full of Monkey Painting.  
Thomas is an avid tournament player as well as an amazing artist, so we were definitely glad to get his two cents regarding changes to the game.

You can stream the episode from the White Metal Games Website, here.

Alternately you can also listen to the episode on Itunes. 

War Council is a new podcast about 40k and things wargaming related.  Justin was a one time client of Caleb’s that stuck around long enough for Caleb to ask him to do a podcast with him.  Episodes revolve more around the hobby and fluff aspect of wargaming, and part of each episode follows the progress of White Metal Games as it tries to make a place for itself in a sea of miniature painting services.

War Council is a presentation of White Metal Games.