War Council Episode 5, reporting for duty!!! Now with tasty guest speakers!

Warcouncil Episode 5 is now live and kicking!

We had our first two guest speakers on the show this week, Thomas Reidy, aka “Goatboy” and Rob Baer, aka Man Boy Genius, to give their two cents about an article I wrote for Spikey Bits a few weeks ago

The article was an in depth survey of miniature painting services and the services they offered.

Goatboy has his own commission service and Rob owns his own gamestore!  Both are prolific painters and have something valuable to add to the community in the form of their vast depth of gamer and hobby knowledge and lore.

So have a listen and let us know what you think!

War Council is a presentation of White Metal Games.

And until you do . . . PUT YOUR MINIS WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS!

Caleb, White Metal Games