Battle Report: Necromunda Gang Raid

Necromunda Gang Raid:  Bar Brawl

Perched above the uproar of the bedlam below, Thade watched as one of the dimwits relieved himself with drunken merriment from the next level down.  His efforts left a steaming puddle expanding on the roof of their drinking hole. The Van Saar Cantina of the Rictus Grins. As the first of the intruders forced their way into their establishment,  Thade slipped out the back and scaled up the side of the bar, leaving behind his plasma rifle in order to lift himself up the three stories with a small measure of grace. For a man of his age and in two layers of armour, he made the climb efficiently. He worked to steady his breath as he surveyed the scene below.

Two of the big ogres were tearing apart the refreshment servitor as they guzzled its supply of Wild Snake.  Two members of the Grins approached from behind, power knife and shock baton ignited and held ready in unsteady hands.  At the entrance, he could see the biggest of the furnace feeders squared off, a massive power hammer resting on his shoulder.  The leader of the Grins, Vaulter Woechek, barred his path with an energy shield lit with purpose.  

As the champion of the Rictus Grins, he had no choice.  He wouldn’t allow the thugs from Goliath to have their fill of fun on his turf.  He pulled the shock stave from its sling around his shoulder. Thade stood directly above the Goliath oaf fumbling with his pants as he ignited his shock stave. It crackled with electricity as he dropped down upon his unsuspecting prey.  

Hiver on the Roof

With the element of surprise, Thade of the Van Saar’s charges Nox the Ripper.  Though he is slightly intoxicated, he manages to drop down from above successfully and uninjured.  He swings his shock stave and the electrical force causes two automatic wounds, resulting in a growing lump on the hulking fighter’s skull.  Nox barley gets his trousers up as he is attacked, but he gathers himself and his spud-jacker makes short work of the Van Saar Champion; leaving him knocked back toward the ledge of the platform and crumpled on the ground.  

Pious Pieter (Van Saar), having more refined vices other than drink, passes his Intoxication Check and charges Brakk.  He rushes his blindside and stabs his power knife into the back of his enemy. The blade fails to land, but he avoids taking any damage in return.  Kruger (Goliath) had a big meal before his gang’s night out, thus he passes his Intoxication Check.  He rushes to the aid of Brakk and charges Pieter, swinging his brute cleaver with no success, but he is able to bat away Pieter’s defensive knife work.  

Lonse (Van Saar) takes the opportunity to down the remnants of his flask, tossing it aside as he charges Kruger.  He swings his shock baton and the overcharged mallet connects with skull, taking his opponent Out of Action.  Brakk is too wasted and masculine to care about Kruger, but distractedly fails to land a blow against Pieter and takes no return damage.  Vaulter’s (Van Saar) confidence reeks of Amasec and he foolishly charges big bad Skullshank. He fails his charge and in turn Skullshank, though inebriated,  counter charges. He leads with his power hammer,  smashing Vaulter’s energy shield wide and bludgeoning the Van Saar leader out of commission.

None Shall…Splat

With the sneaky old man writhing on the ground,  Nox performs a Coup de Grace on Thade, leaving his spud-jacker drenched in blood.  Lonse harnesses his snake courage and charges Brakk, but fails to land a blow with his shock baton.  Brakk,  slowed from the liquor he chugged like water, is unable to respond to his attacker or find an offensive rhythm.  Pious Pieter, ever sober, carves into a drunk Brakk with his power knife,  leaving his cauterised bulk prone on the bar floor. Skullshank, drunk on snake and blood, charges up the stairs to enact revenge for his gang.  He lands an overhead chop on Pieter, crumpling him instantly like a human nail.

In his current state,  Lonse is able to settle his nerves after witnessing Pieter and his leader being struck down like vermin.  He looks upon Skullshank and they begin to fray anew.   

Lonse Versus Goliaths

Now outnumbered, fear cleanses Lonse’s system of Wild Snake.  With his liquid courage having run its course, he relies on the good old fashioned kind.  He manages to pass his Bottle Test and charges Skullshank. He lands a strike from his shock baton and he hears the crunch of breaking ribs as it lands against Skullshank’s abdomen.  Skullshank nurses his right side and misses with his responding attacks. He grits though the pain and launches his own sloppy offensive. Lonse is able to dodge the first few swings, but an unexpected reverse follow through catches Lonse at the legs,  leaving him fighting for consciousness. Further above, Nox tosses Thade’s body off the building and climbs down an access ladder to either help Skullshank or grab another drink at the bar.            

Lonse picks himself up,  seeing a small window for self preservation if he can flee before he’s trapped between two mounds of muscle.  

Time to Not Be Nice

Lonse senses the other Goliath ganger drop from the ladder and he resigns to make a good account of himself.  He swings his shock baton at Skullshank and manages to break a few more ribs in the process. He fights for his life,  parrying a return blow from the Goliath leader. Skullshank now has clarity with the pain.  He launches a devastating fury of chops that Lonse is unable to avoid.  He is knocked down and struggles to rise. Nox sees that their enemy is down and he vows to prove his worth in front of Skullshank.  He charges the last of the Van Saar crew, but is unable to reach him before Lonse succumbs to his injuries.  

Goliath Victory!!!

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