Rules you may have forgotten . . . precision strikes and shots!

I don’t know for the life of me why I don’t remember that my characters have precision shot and precision strike.  

I think it might be that when 6th edition came out, one of the major ‘trends’ in the rules was to use majority characteristics when dealing with units.  IE, if a unit is shot you use majority toughness. 

However, characters are a notable exception to this rule.  When character roll a 6 on any to hit roll, whether it be in close combat or shooting, they get to allocate the hit to a target of their choosing in the target unit.

That mean you can take out plasma gunners, sergeants with power weapons, librarians with force weapons,  and the like. 

Why can’t I just remember it!  Thus far my experience in 6th is that S7 and S8 weapons are king.  Plasma especially, but melta as well.  Why wouldn’t I want to take every chance possible to take these targets out?

It’s worth noting that snap shots and weapons that scatter can never be precise shots. Thank goodness

In melee, precision strikes can only be assigned to engaged models, ie, if a model is not in base contact or 2″ from the combat, they are safe.  This might be another good reason to decline a challenge after all, just not to get too close to the action.  

Does anyone else have trouble remembering to use precise shot and strike, and if so, how do you force yourself to remember?  Different colored dice for your characters? 

Interestingly enough, I haven’t had a single opponent since 6th edition came out look at me and say “Oh, the captain rolls a 6!  I’ll allocate that wound to your lord.” 

Give that captain a melta gun and watch the instant deaths tally up! 

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