Retronids, getting the most out of your OOP Tyranid models

 Greetings fellow wargamers:

I’ve been playing Tyranids a LONG time, and by a long time I mean since the mid 90’s, back when the 2nd edition codex first reared it’s head!  I can still remember that purple binding!  I’ve been in love with the Great Devourer since it first began its consumption of the universe.  But like all great relationships, time brings change.  New editions means new rules and new models.  So what’s a hobbyist to do with all those old pewter hive tyrants, zoanthropes, and hormagaunts?  Why, keeping playing with them, of course!

 Things don’t get old, they just get ‘retro’.  Got an old Zoanthrope?  Convert it up into a Doom!  Got an old metal Gargoyle?  Rework it into a Parasite?  Got an old 3rd Edition Tyrant?  Now we’re talking!  You’ve got some options . . . .

 This baby is a classic.  It’s got many of the features seen in later models, such as the back spines, and hardened ribcage, the plating on it’s forelegs, etc.  But it also has it’s own style.  Back when this figure came out, the head plate was defiantely and Aliens’ rip off and the tyranid ‘style’ was still being developed.  Nowadays the entire army has a definitive feel to it, but these models still have a place in your collection!

The narrow stances of this figure manes it can fit onto a 40mm base comfortably.  The arm sockets are larger enough to accommodate the bites from the current tyranid monstrous creature line.  So that gives you a choice in my book, . . . you can either choose to count this bad boy as a retro hive tyrant (or swarmlord) or count it as a prime.  Since a 40mm base IS the base the model came with, then it’s perfectly legal strickly speaking to do so.

 For this particular figure you can see I swapped the head out for a more modern tyrant head.  I did, however, modify it a great deal.  Firstly I clipped off the horn.  I felt the horn was indicative of hierarchy, so I felt that as a prime he wouldn’t have this.  Secondly, I added a new cranium piece.  It’s a combination of a tyranid warrior head, with a carnifex tail piece, joined with some sculpting work.  Overall, I wanted him to look like a big ass warrior.  I think overall it gives the impression I was going for.  And you won’t have nay trouble trying to get him to stand out on the tabletop, that’s for sure.

 The old pewter figures require a bit more car and work, of course.  This figure’s arms and head had to be pinned and epoxied in place to make sure it would withstand a few games.  Such is the life when bonding metal to plastic.  But it’ll ensure this figure is good to go for another 10 years!

We are White Metal Games, a full service miniature painting and assembly service based out of Raleigh, NC.  We are always looking for new clients that share our love of wargaming and wants some models custom built and painted to their taste!  Check out our gallery here to see more of our work!

What do you think?  Too big for a prime?  Why I showed you mine, why don’t you show me yours!  PUT YOUR MINIS WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS!

Game on!

Caleb, WMG