Prey for a swift end! The Nurgle conversion for Maulerfiend

Insects have always been a prevalent theme in the world of Nurgle.  Normally flies are the name of the game, but I’ve never felt like it was mutually exclusive.  For many years I’ve been experimenting with the form of the Preying Mantis, using it for models such as Daemon Princes or the like.  Often when a good conversion takes root in your mind, your aren’t so much designing it as discovering it, letting your imagination run wild as your fingers meander through your bits box in search of the perfect piece to fit the bill or plug the gap.  

It’s worth noting that other than the head of this beastie, this model is 100% GW bits.  Although there are a few insectoid heads in the GW range, nothing was quite large enough.  Once primed, this head will gel nicely with the rest of the figure. 

 In retrospect, I probably would have dropped the 2nd set of arms (the crushing claws).  Feel a little busy now.  But at the time, I was just in love with the crushing claws and caught up in the moment I pinned them on without a thought. 

I was channeling the old Mantisaur figure from the MOTU range while building this abomination.  I think overall I got the right feel, though perhaps a few antennae would help fill this figure out just a bit.  Not that it needs it . . . it barely fits on the required 90×120 base intended for the maulerfiend as is! 

Love it or hate it, you’ve got to admit it make  an impression.  Imagine the limbs, dripping with gore and bile putrescence eeking out of every postule when fully painted. 

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Caleb, WMG